Not everyone believes in superstitions, but some of them make us raise eyebrows. Wedding superstitions have since existed since the institution of marriage. Funnily enough, many persons still believe these myths till today. These beliefs cut across various aspects of the wedding celebration, and some of them include:

Grooms should not see the bride before the wedding.

Several centuries ago, the groom and bride lived in different cities and only saw themselves on the wedding day. There are many reasons for this, but the common excuse was to discourage pre-marital sex because it leads to bad luck. This superstition doesn't hold water in the 21st century. Today, the bride and groom get romantically involved before the wedding and still have a blissful marriage. To learn more about diy wedding flower, visit on hyperlinked site.

Rain on your wedding day.

Whether it is a birthday or graduation ceremony, no one wants it to be ruined by a torrential downpour. It is believed that nature is not happy with your union, and so, it sends down the rain to wreak havoc. The truth is that there is literally nothing we can do about the weather. Even if you followed the weather forecast's advice, there is no guarantee that the weather would smile on you that day. It is better to do an indoor wedding during the rainy season so that you don't ruin your beautiful dress and wedding flower.

Not wearing your attire before the wedding day.

This is one of the most common myths since the inception of weddings. In those days, brides would buy their wedding dresses but would not wear them until the actual day. It instigated fears that it could lead to a failed marriage. Many events have taken over this belief as the bride and grooms are known to go for wedding accessories shopping. During this outing, they wear their wedding dress and shoes to see if it suits them. When they visit a florist for a wedding bouquet, they also need to hold it to see if it matches their shoes and dress.

Placing a cube of sugar on the bride.

Like sugar sweetens tea, it could do the same for a union when hidden somewhere around the venue or tucked in the gloves. This superstition emanated from Greek folklore, where sugar was used to symbolize a sweet union. It probably worked for the proponents of this belief, but a mere sugar cub is not a determiner of a couple's everlasting happiness. Many factors (except a sugar cube) can lead to a successful marriage.

Not adding peonies to your bouquet.

I wonder who would ignore an elegant flower like peonies, all in the name of a belief that doesn't hold water. In some cultures, peonies signify shame, and so, brides are dissuaded from using it. Today, peonies are used by brides globally, and brides can attest to its unique scent and aura.

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