How many times have we heard – “ you can never be too thin or too rich”!! We advocate changing that to “you can never be too fit”!!

Asili’s Weight Management formulation is not about weight loss – it is about enhancing your metabolism with the right mix of spices and herbs. Chosen with meticulous care and measured to perfection, the weight management mix is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The power of cumin, thyme, haritaki and other spices speeds up the metabolism making you more active and energetic !

Haritaki – a miracle herb in Ayurveda- promotes digestion, manages diabetes and has a good effect on doshas. Thyme, cumin and other herbs reduce bloating, improve oral hygiene, enhance weight loss, fight bacteria and contain antioxidants for better skin, hair and overall wellness.

So get stronger and fitter to become a BETTER you!



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As parents of young children and Children of ageing Parents, our families mean the world to us. We want the best for them. Countless times we (including me) have promised to go the extra mile to ensure healthy food but it is a struggle to do it right every time. I yearned to have something off the shelf to boost health, stamina, fitness of my loved ones.

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