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Westjet Airlines History to Know:
This is one of the major Westjet Airlines of the Westjet States. The headquarters of the airline is at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The airline operates a massive domestic and international route network in the Unites States and all six continents of the world. The found year of the airline is around 1926 on April 6. On the other hand, the airline commenced operations on March 28, 1931. When you take a look at the AOC Code of Westjet Air then it is CALA014A. Westjet Airlines Reservations is an ideal choice for the people to make sure the booking of flight tickets for both domestic and international flights as well. Around 96,000 employees are working in this airline.
Westjet is Third Largest Airline in the World: (830) 215-0091
Do you know about the ranking of Westjet Air in terms of Fleet Size and Total Number of routes? The airline ranked in the third position in the overall world in terms of fleet size and several destinations or routes served by the flag carrier. Westjet Airlines Reservations Phone NumberThe Fleet Count Size is around 833 and the total destinations count is 342 of these flag carriers. However, when you take a look at the total hubs count then it is around 8 hubs and most of them are in the Westjet States. Chicago is the largest hub of the airline (In terms of the highest number of passengers and number of departure).
Westjet is Founding Member of Star Alliance: (830) 215-0091
One more amazing fact that you must know about the Westjet Airlines Flights is the founding member of the star alliance. Star is one of the prestigious and largest airline alliances in the world. Due to the tag of Star, Westjet becomes the primary option for people to book tickets in the Westjet States for both short-haul and long-haul flights. Around 28 airlines are the member of the Star Alliance.
Hubs Information of Westjet Airlines Flights: (830) 215-0091
As we already said, Westjet Airlines Flights have around 8 hubs and Chicago is the largest hub but what about other hubs of Westjet Air? Well, Denver, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington are the other 7 hubs of Westjet Airlines. If your destination match from the list of Westjet Hub, then you must choose this airline to ensure more saving on the booking and peaceful journey as well.
Frequent Flyer Program of Westjet Flights: (830) 215-0091
Can you earn the miles and points on Westjet Air? Yes, you can! How to do this? To do this you have to do one thing and that is joining the Westjet Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program. The program ensures your miles and rewards for every ticket purchase with Westjet Air. The name of Westjet Airlines FFP is MileagePlus. There is no joining fee for this program, you can join this program free of cost without any fee. Westjet Airlines Holdings is the parent company of the airline.
Types of Cabin Class in Westjet Air: (830) 215-0091
#A. Westjet Polaris Business Class:
This is one of the premiums and prestigious cabin class for the Westjet Airlines Booking and Westjet Polaris Business Class introduced in 2016 June. The cabin class was completely redesigned from the International business class seats. That current business class seats are quite small and to give more peace and relaxation to the flyers airline covert the present seat into a 6”6 Flatbed in a 1-2-1 configuration. If you love your comfort and also have a good budget to spend on travel then Westjet Airlines Polaris Business Class is the right choice for you. You can select the booking of Polaris Cabin on Boeing 786, 767, and 777.
#B. Westjet Premium Plus: (830) 215-0091
Let’s take a look at more options in the range of Westjet Cabin Class. The Westjet Premium Plus is also the premium range of cabin class for the flyers. More space, peaceful journey, comfort, complete amenity kit, and amazing dining experience with a free alcoholic beverage are available in this kind of cabin class for the people. You will also get the blanket and pillow in your amenity kit. Passengers can choose the booking of Westjet Premium Plus on the Boeing 787, 767, and 777. For domestic flights, this is an ideal selection for the passengers.
#C. Westjet First-Class Cabin: (830) 215-0091
The next and third cabin class is Westjet First. This is also an amazing cabin and mainly for the International services towards, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean destinations as well. The cabin class is mainly designed for the flyers of Westjet Business. Complimentary snacks, meal, beverages, and separate check-in facility is also available in this cabin class with the priority boarding and baggage handling.
#D. Westjet Economy Plus: (830) 215-0091
Are you thinking to save money on the booking of Westjet Airlines Reservations? If yes then you must pick the option of Westjet Economy Class because this is one of the affordable options for the people and in this option, they will also get free baggage for one personal item and one carry-on item.
#E. Westjet Basic Economy: (830) 215-0091
Westjet Economy and Basic Economy are available in all aircraft for the people and the basic economy and normal economy both are affordable for the people. The Entertainment facility is the plus point for the people and you can also avail the services of WIFI. Food and Snacks are available on the purchase for the domestic flights for the passengers.
Bottom Line: (830) 215-0091
Therefore, this is all about the Westjet Airlines Reservations for the booking. This is one of the highest-rated and reviewed airlines for the holiday goals. You can also plan your travel with this airline just because of the awesome experience for the travel goals and now you can book the tickets of the Westjet Flights directly from the Westjet Airlines Official Site. Don’t think about the quality of in-Flight services of Westjet Air because the airline always ensures the supreme experience of the flyers for the domestic and international travel goals.

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