Although players think that they need to turn the World upside down to win poker, the secrets to consistently winning poker are so simple and laughable but need dedication.
Let’s dive right into to them

The old boring saying “Practice makes perfect” will win you millions
Like I said in my previous articles, poker is a game of skill and to learn the skill you must practice.
It’s never a walk in the park. You need to master the structure and game plan of each tournament you take on.
One way to practice is to watch other players go at it. Just sit there and watch continuously. You will learn a lot.
But like perusing any career, you need to put in time and some money. Research and read poker books like “Easy Game” by Andrew
Get a poker mentor or buddy or even pay a coach to train you.
Find and join poker social media groups and forums so that you have poker topics discussed in your face 24/7. All these things will light a fire in you to aggressively pursue the game and ultimately win and earn a living.

Keep your opponent’s guessing
Funny is that some players think that when you keep changing the bets is when you win. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite. The more you place the same sizing, the more you confuse everyone else.
Never show your opponent’s your hands no matter what.
Your opponents should have a tough time predicting you so that they don’t place a hand anyhow.
Also, always take your time. Don’t let other players rush your decision even though they might push you and make you feel like you are delaying them.
It's better to let go than to risk your stack based on a marginal decision.

Play the right game
So, after practicing, you need to know what game to dive into. Different tournaments have different players and rules. No matter how good you are, you can lose out for not knowing what’s on the table for the tournament you are taking on.
Some of the major things to check for before joining a game are whether the house rake level. Also, check whether the game is being played with many hands or whether they are a few.
If there are players you have battled with before, it’s good to play with them again because you have an idea of their tactics.
And finally, check if the players are strong, weak or average.
Once you’re done the checking, choose according to these three important aspects. A game that has a low rack, players that are weak or average, and if you are playing at a live casino, a game that has most of the players consuming alcohol will do you justice.
Don’t forget to choose the right online casino if you are playing online. Casinos like nagapoker are legit and have a variety of games for the player that wants to build skill.

You have more chances at winning if you specialize in 1 or 2 games than to play any game that comes your way. But if you are a newbie, you can’t specialize until you have tasted the waters of at least several games because otherwise how can you know what you are best at.
But once you have specialized, concentrate and you will enjoy endless wins.

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