Foreign exchange trading orders are generally divided into market price transactions and commission transactions. The market price transaction, that is, the immediate transaction according to the bank's current quotation; the entrusted transaction, commonly known as the hang-up transaction, means that the investor can first pass the transaction order to the bank, and when the bank quotation reaches the exchange rate level that the investor wishes to trade, the bank computer system immediately According to the investor's order, the transaction was completed.

The convenience brought by the commissioned trading order to the customer is that the customer does not have to keep an eye on the changes in the foreign exchange market every moment, saving a lot of time.

However, the customer also needs to be cautious when using the commissioned trading order, especially when the commissioned trading order of the opening position does not follow the stop-loss trading order. The foreign exchange market is changing rapidly, and rushing to use the commissioned trading order may bring you a lot of risks.

The so-called "stop loss" is an orderly transaction order that automatically closes the position. When the market exchange rate changes in a direction that is not conducive to the position you have established, you can automatically close the position through this order.

At present, domestic commercial banks offer a variety of trading methods for foreign exchange real trading. Customers can conduct foreign exchange trading through bank counters, personal wealth management terminals in the banking hall, telephone and internet. For a detailed description of the various trading methods, please refer to the help file provided by your bank.

If the customer chooses to trade on the counter or use the personal wealth management terminal to conduct the transaction, the trading time is limited to the working hours of the bank's normal working day, mostly from Monday to Friday. the customer can also choose a telephone transaction or an internet transaction, It can be seen that in addition to going to the scene to feel the atmosphere, trading by phone or the Internet is a better choice.

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