Biometric tests or screenings are tests in which physical measurements and biometric data are taken to assess the health of employees. They are short and convenient and allows the employers to set a standard for employee health status. The screening measures data such as height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, etc.

Before the blood samples are taken, employees are required to fast. They are given questionaires to provide relevant information such as family history, medical conditions etc. The screening results are sent to the employees personally and personal information is not shared without the consent of the person.
Conducting wellness programs in your company at regular intervals allow you to analyze the health of your employees and then take steps to improve it accordingly.

Here’s how biometric tests benefit you as an employer:

1. Establishes a baseline of employee health status through detailed reports.

2. Identifies chronic health conditions of employees in the earliest stages.

3. Evaluates what kinds of wellness initiatives would benefit the most.

4. Shows concern and care for the health of your workforce.

5. Reduces health care costs.

6. Improves productivity, morale, satisfaction and decrease absenteeism.

7. Promotes health awareness and healthy habits.

8. It enables you to formulate a health plan or organize health coaching sessions to improve employee health.

Here are ways your employees are benefited:

1. They are able to access information about their health.

2. They are able to identify health risks such as high cholesterol levels and take steps to reduce them.

3. Biometric tests save their time as they would not require to go to a medical facility to get the tests done.

4. They recognize you as a concerned employer and it helps them stay satisfied in their job.

5. They are able to perform better and be more productive.

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