Bitcoin - today's earliest currency that has the biggest capitalization over other similar payment methods. The name is derived from a combination of two English words: "Bit" - a unit of information computation, and "Coin" - a coin. Bitcoin can refer to the currency name, as well as the payment network, which conducts digital currency payment operations. Transaction information is clearly available. Transaction information contains non-stop operation blockchain, in which each subsequent block contains previous block information, ensures chain continuity. Completed transactions cannot be cancelled.

Bitcoin is independent and is not tied to any other currency: not connected to any country, a banking system, has no internal or external administration. New coins will be issued when a user's network solves complicated math problems as keys, and therefore, the amount of money that can be generated is limited. Overall, 21,000,000 bitcoin will be released, and after that, the new currency unit withdrawal process will be discontinued.

it is one of the trading tools with the highest fluctuations in the Currency Market, and because of it has gained popularity. There are only a few ways to profit from bitcoin rate fluctuations.

1. Long-term bitcoin ownership. In 2009, when new bitcoin was introduced, digital currency rates vary from 700 to 1,600 bitcoin per US dollar. In May 2010, bitcoin was first introduced as a method of payment, and in the meantime, 10,000 bitcoins were used to purchase 2 pizzas. And in August of the same year, 10,000 bitcoins had a value equal to 600 US dollars. Those who have collected or earned early bitcoins, today are able to get a great deal of their savings.

2. Trading in stock exchanges. This is a common trade - trading tools are given when prices are cheap and will be resold when prices rise.

3. Earn the benefits of different bitcoin levels in different exchanges. There are various exchanges, in which bitcoins are traded, and the rates between these exchanges can vary by size. Along with that, there is no exchange known as "the most expensive" or "the cheapest" since the situation in this exchange fluctuates every day. This allows users to buy bitcoin in the exchange at a lower price and then resell in a higher rate market.

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