WESTERN film industry has repeatedly brought to the attention of ordinary citizens, what kind of bird is this - escort services. Decent girls, driven by thirst for profit, have always been embroiled in sex orgies and criminals. Here I am, drawn, also called the "VIP escort agency Night." "Intimacy does not offer!" - with a slight hysterics, I warned. At the end of the wire even offended. After checking my anthropological parameters with the ideals of "Night," I was invited for an interview. At 20.30. The agency clearly worked on the second shift.

"The nest of debauchery"

... I was occupying half a floor in a half-rotten five-story building, right in the center. Inside was a renovation and almost sterile cleanliness. “I'm on an interview,” I clarified. A pleasant female secretary darted toward the inner door with the words: "This is Vitaly Yuryevich, the director, who should take a look."

Vitaly Yuryevich, a short man with the look of his father and a balding, baldly, examined me from head to toe. I thought that he resigned as a lieutenant colonel of the FSB. Unless, of course, already out.

Holding his hand on his shoulder, he turned me back and forth and summed up:

- The texture is suitable. Smile How many years?

- 29, - I replied honestly, grinning - what, oldish?

The secretary and Vitaly Yuryevich exchanged strange looks. They did not seem to know exactly how to talk to me. Then the director made a new strange thing: he sat me down on a chair, sat down opposite and sent the secretarial lamp right into my eyes. Find more at the https://www.dizengoff-escort.com/נערות-ליווי/

“Nothing,” the secretary commented, “normal skin, just running.” Teeth, of course, need to whiten, but the bite is perfect.

Vitaly Y. lowered the lamp:

- Here, by the way, women work both 40 and 45 years old. Our agency has the widest profile. We do not supply juvenile prostitutes. We have our own circle of clients, our own niche. What do you know how?

- I? - In my head all mixed up. - Well, I speak English. I drive a car. Sociable, - I remembered something from the advice of women's magazines.

- Do not rush. Anelia Ivanovna, help, please. This is our psychologist, he introduced me to a woman.

Op-pa! And I thought, secretary.

Half an hour later, Anelia found out everything about my marital status, about how much I can drink without losing clarity of consciousness, whether I feel awkward surrounded by a large number of people, how I prefer to dress, where I studied and work (I had to lie) that I read and even can I use an unfamiliar fax machine, copier, or adjust the video recorder?
Honestly, I could not catch the connection between the video and the escort services.

In a questionnaire with graphs extended to me, in addition to a half-list of familiar information, I read: "Sexual preferences: orientation, oral, sex, anal. Sex, evil. Doge." The footnote called to put a cross in front of the "selected options."

“Oh,” said Anelia, “I gave you something wrong!” - and stretched quite a normal questionnaire and a contract form.

It seems that the first paperwork was slipped to me for a reason, but as a touchstone.

The strangeness of the clientele spoke separately. One, for example, it is important that his companion was tall, but not taller than him — that was how he needed to raise his own self-esteem. With his height of 1 m 80 cm he is picked up by a girl no higher than 1.70-1.72 (plus heels). Another wants to see girls with an "intellectual" appearance next to him. If he is with a frivolous beauty, he is haunted by the feeling that he was "removed." It is important for the third that the companion could support the company, for example, sing with everyone at the karaoke bar, play billiards, poker, etc. The fourth companion of the elegant age is needed to create an image of her own "loyalty".

You can bring a work record here, but for two months I will have a trial period. The salary is “high” (for a “simple accompaniment” the girl receives $ 50-100, but there are higher tariffs. Thus, the “full daily support” was estimated at $ 1000), they receive it once a month.

Body check

I have to visit the cosmetologist on a weekly basis (Anelia showed me the office in the back of the office), in special cases I will use the services of a hairdresser, a makeup artist (here they are) and a wardrobe. In the wardrobe there were business suits, cocktail and evening dresses with “Diana” dry-cleaning tags, I saw both Versace and Yamamoto on labels, as well as a whole guard of shoes and several fur coats.

I filled out a questionnaire in which I was particularly pleased with the paragraph “On non-disclosure of commercial information”.

“Now,” said Anelia, “you need to be examined by a gynecologist.” We have.

I glanced involuntarily at my watch: half past nine in the evening. A rare gynecologist dosidit at work until that time. Unless he is going to take birth.

“Say thank you that we are not sending you to a full medical examination,” Aneliya frowned, “after all, employees of, say, restaurants pass it regularly. We work with people and take care of our customers.

I had nothing to object to. Thus, they took tests from me, including (the gynecologist, like the agency, turned out to be a broad profile) blood from a vein. In the corridor, I lingered at the door of the "dressing room": there were three girls on the sofa. Two Barbies revived, stretching out their long legs, each doing their own thing: one blew gum bubbles and the other smoked. Anelia Ivanovna appeared and kicked out the girls: "I'll give you things to smoke!" Phlegmatic brunette with hair below the priests retired to another room, continuing to read the book of Milorad Pavic.

When I was leaving, there were two black BMWs at the entrance to the five-story building. By the way, with government numbers. These beauties sat down in them, and the mini-tuple rolled in an unknown direction.

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