Most traders think that with a good forex strategy, they will be able to make money anytime, under any market conditions. According to them, a good forex strategy describes everything from planning to execution to making a profit. They no longer have anything else to do but just follow every step of the forex strategy.

It is generally believed that a winning forex strategy defines from start to finish all the rules a trader just needs to follow. It is expected to be applicable in all market environments. In the long run, overall, you will earn more money than lose. Its rules cannot be changed, or only marginally. Relying on past statistics, we should operate with the hope that the market will continue to behave as it has in the future.

What if not? When will a trader realize that a profitable forex strategy in the past is no longer working? For this to happen, you should first notice that the market has changed. However, if you do not know the market, do not understand the market in-depth, you will only mechanically try to force a particular strategy, then you will only realize that the account balance is no longer up, but down.

I interpret the term forex strategy differently than most traders. A novice trader is always looking for a strategy. However, a professional trader is already developing strategies. There is a huge difference between the two!

A good driver always takes into account road and visibility conditions, weather conditions, traffic patterns and knows the limits of his vehicle. With these in mind, you choose the speed and keep track, so that you can stop if necessary before an accident occurs.

A good trader first assesses the market situation and chooses the most appropriate trading strategy. You will apply different rules in a trendy market and others in a side market. And the rules are mosaic-like. Apply them sequentially as you wish as market conditions dictate. And the execution of different forex strategies will be the trading process itself. I call these rule mosaics trading strategies. Based on these, there are countless opening strategies, position tracking strategies, build-in strategies, exit strategies, and they can be combined in different combinations.

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