Synastry is the study of two partners' charts. The charts are related through direct relationship (synastry) or influence (septuarcs and composites). Synastry in astrology describes karmic and hereditary traits shared between partners. When these two energies 'connect' in a positive or harmonious way, it can provide a refuge for each other in pursuing and achieving their dreams.
In contrast, when opposing energies are activated, it can be a deterrent for personal growth or relationship success. Love can be turbulent, so it's important you have a relationship partner who understands and supports you. Synastry in astrology describes karmic and hereditary traits shared between partners.

According to Crow Astrology, the Sun sextile Venus in a synastry chart would show that there are strong connections between the partners.
That is, when the Sun sextiles Venus, they form a harmonious, easy link with regards to their emotional sensibilities. With this harmonious aspect, artists are inspired by each other. It’s fairly rare that this aspect would cause any form of hurt or imbalance.
The Sun sextile Venus synastry reflects the mutual meeting of minds when it comes to sympathetic or empathetic understanding. Daily contact between partners in the synastry aspect pattern is easy, enjoyable, and pleasant. The creative connection between the partners is reinforced by this harmonious aspect.
Moreover, a Sun-Venus aspect in your synastry chart indicates that you are both fairly compatible, and so is your relationship. Active couples in a good partnership often share many similar goals and values. Both of you share common interests, are usually interested in similar things, have a similar sense of humor, and are (mostly) looking for the same kind of partner.
A Sun-Venus aspect can bring feelings of comfort and happiness into the relationship, so that anyone you are in a relationship with can take advantage of this and take your relationship one step further. Whether you already live together or are just happy in each other's company, this aspect represents a harmonious connection.

In synastry relationships, each of the partners takes an active role in consciously navigating the sea of crossover opportunities and potential pitfalls of this interaction. Knowing the Sun-Venus aspects will help you connect better with your partner and emerge victorious from life together, rather than just working it out by yourself.
That's why it's so important to strengthen the aspects and connect the Sun and Venus. Sun conjunct Venus synastry is a perfect aspect, a harmony, and union between Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. The union between Venus and Sun reflects the natural love, peace, and harmony that they are seeking because they express their individuality within their relationship.
Sun-Venus aspects are the usual themes of attraction, romance, sensual love, relationship commitments, style, attraction and aesthetic arts. In other words, the Sun conjunct Venus synastry has massively positive meanings.

If you don't want to waste your time on researching and analyzing resonance aspects in Sun-Venus compatibility, just enter your birth time and place under the 'Compatibility' section. The site will automatically calculate the Sun-Venus aspects in synastry.
Sun quincunx Venus synastry is a challenging aspect formed between two personalities. This is when one of them is pretending to be doing well and another person becomes suspicious. This aspect formed in incompatible synastry often ends with an explosion of emotions which leads to a quick breakup.
Sun-Venus aspects in love can provide some of the most difficult and confusing astrological connections. That's because both are rulers of the same sign. However, they have different passions, ideals, and loyalties, which can cause many difficult tensions at times. The good news is that these tensions don't have to be abusive or detrimental to the relationship or marriage.

Trines are among the most harmonious aspects between two souls. They signify friendship, support, and respect. They offer a deep connection between partners, which can in turn generate strong sexual relationships.
The Sun trine Venus synastry aspect occurs when Venus is traveling through a sign conjoined to or opposite the Sun or Sun NC and looking toward the personal planets and angles in the natal chart. These conjunctions usually represent a happy relationship. They make partners want to spend as much time with each other as possible. And, in the process, they strengthen emotional bonds.
Sun-Venus aspects in synastry signify a basic triangular relationship between two people. Your bond with your other half is essentially based on mutual attraction and common interests.

What do the Sun-Venus aspects indicate? How can you use this section to improve your love life? Both feelings and passions are intensified under these aspects. Relationships generally progress smoothly, and harmony is often assured. However, the extremes of these types of relationships become exaggerated, so beware of taking it too far and becoming isolated from the rest of the world.
If this aspect is unfavorable, it can lead to misunderstanding, frustration, possessiveness, and a distortion of reality. You may feel unable to make any decisions. Your partner will eventually begin to bored of you if they feel that you don't appreciate their gifts and talents.

Sun inconjunct Venus aspects benefit a man and a woman when they are open and honest with each other. This creates the intimacy they are looking for. It contrasts the expectations of possessiveness and loss with non-neediness and acceptance.
Sun inconjunct Venus synastry benefits couples who are willing to acknowledge where they hide their feelings from each other and how to resolve discrepancies.
Sun-Venus inconjunction in synastry does not support two people hiding how they feel, with Venus being more concerned with creating beauty and love, and Sun more concerned with truth. This means that if a square aspect forms between two people in a relationship, both sides need to come clean and say something about their true feelings and motivations.
When you combine the positive aspects, they are expressed with great energy and creativity. Since both Sun and Venus are feminine, we can also expect a subtle and nice side of these configurations. For example, a happy relationship can last a long time, while not having to fight.

If the Sun-Venus square aspect applies to your natal chart, then effective communication skills and the expression of feelings become imperative. You find yourself drawn to nurturing close relationships and brainstorming ways to stay connected with partners, children, parents, or friends.
Failure in relating to others in a nuanced and sensitive way leads to painful conflict, discord, and possibly break-ups. It's certainly time to revise your approach to communication, especially given other stresses you're experiencing at the time such as work-related commitments or stress with family or friends.
With the Sun square Venus synastry, your need to be seen, heard, and understood will never change. This need is part of how you define yourself. When dreams don't work out the way you plan them, you start doubting who you are and searching for identity in such misguided ways.
During the Sun-Venus square aspect, you're forced to confront how you feel about yourself, your core beliefs, and your ideals. Feeling hidden makes it harder to sustain meaningful close relationships. You'll find yourself capable of sustaining only a few close relationships at a time.

Having Sun-Venus opposition aspects in a synastry chart generally means that each partner is an idealist who gives much more than he or she gets. This lopsidedness could be categorized as a Sun-Saturn aspect. If one of the partners tends to be charming and feminine, while the other is cold, vain, and masculine, it is possible that the masculine partner has an extremely high Emotional Quotient and is emotionally abusive.
When the Sun opposite Venus synastry is in harmony, it means that they are building a loving foundation between one another. The problem starts when a Sun-Venus aspect is in discord. The vibration of the aspect is then heightening one or both of the aspects polarities. An aspect in discord means that there are high stressors related to the relationship.
Whatever the case may be, incompatible Sun-Venus aspects always have something to illuminate. The two things people struggle with the most when dealing with these inharmonious aspects are the sex-pole, and the solar-plexus points.
When dealing with the sex-pole, consciously or unconsciously, both the man and woman of a Sun-Venus aspect are trying to buy the love of each other, not necessarily to communicate. When the relationship gets to where it wants to go, this usually gives up the stress points, and the harmony of the aspect shines through on a normal basis.

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