Whether you play online or in a casino, poker remains the same game. Players in both the game play bet, bluff, win or lose. The technique or skill developed in one format is readily accepted in the other format too.

Then how do both differ from each other?

Many players convincingly argue that these two games couldn’t be more different. It is like comparing chess with the checker. The virtual and real is a big difference that separates these two identically similar gaming worlds.

In fact, the players of online poker and real poker never get along very well. Pros of each group deliberately ignore the other group. Also, you might have heard about the stories of online pros failing badly in the real casino games and vice versa. They are so true.

Long story in short, both these game world appears to be same but in depth, differ greatly from one another.

Fortunately, things are getting better with time. Now players are trying to excel in both the platforms. Their casino love has eliminated the difference and as a result, you can see many strong players are playing both pokers online and live. However, to outshine in these poker games, you need to know the real difference.

Here is some difference between online and live poker for every player who wants to play both.

Bet Sizing

Bet sizing is very different in live games from online poker. In a live cash game, players tend to bet in 5x or 6x while in online bets, players bet for 2x or 3x. When it comes to a live tournament, experienced players will always refrain from over betting.

Multi-way pots versus heads-up pot

In live games, you will see more multiway pots due to a lot more calling while in online poker there are more head-up pots due to more pre-flop betting. It is very common in live games to find player calling preflop raise to create a multi-way situation.

Folding versus calling

Online players are more daring than live players are. During a live game, players tend to take less risk with their preflop calls compared to the online players. This means that in online poker, players bluff often and take higher risk.

Bad betting

Online poker tends to experience more bad betting than the live game. It may be due to the small stakes. However, in live poker, a player is more conscious about their moves and bets which prevents them for a major loss.

Game pace

Live poker is more about relaxed moves and intensive strategies. On average, 30 hands per hour are played in live poker games. However, in online poker games, it is very aggressive and spontaneous. As a result, people lose more bets. On the brighter side, the online gamer gets more hands to play in an hour.

Virtual and real

One of the obvious differences in these games is that in online poker you don’t get to see your opponent while in a live game you can see your opponent. It certainly means that online poker player is omitted from physical tell. Table talk is an important part of online table game in casinos. Pro players can take out information easily from their inexperienced opponents.


Now you know some of the wonderful differences in an online and live poker game. Poker is one of kind world where players play bets on their skills and do gambling liberally. Norskcasinoguide.com is a reliable resource to get more in-depth learning about poker games.

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