What is EA?

The Expert Advisor (EA) is a sophisticated trading software tool. Each EA has a set of pre-populated specific trading rules to execute on your trading platform. Emotions such as fear and greed are stumbling blocks for most foreign exchange traders. EA can help traders get rid of the above emotional problems and rationally execute transactions.
EA helps you keep track of market conditions and execute trades according to pre-set parameters. Compared to manual operation, EA has many advantages, including the ability to monitor the index, support line and pressure line at various times, and make trading decisions quickly.
In this trading tool, traders do not need to worried about trading losses caused by communication obstacles such as power outages and network disconnection, Traders can use our Virtual Private Server (VPS) to upload EAs, allowing trading platforms and EAs to continue managing transactions without manual monitoring and access at any time around the world.

Risk and Benefits of EA?

Foreign exchange EA is different from physical goods and it is virtual and risky. Since the market is unpredictable in the future, EA may bring losses and may also bring profit. If you choose a potential EA, investors may get huge profits, far more than the value of the foreign exchange EA itself, but also accompanied by risks. Therefore, choosing Forex EA is actually a high-risk, high-return investment. At present, the foreign exchange EA market is more active, and most of the sellers come from individual developers and professional research institutions. Due to the underdeveloped foreign exchange market, the foreign exchange EA market is not active, and only individual developers sell their own EAs.

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