Bisexuality entails a strong attraction towards people of any sex. In the case of a woman, she can be attracted to a man while still being a lesbian. Such women form perfect partners when it comes to a threesome. In as much as they might find fun engaging in lesbianism, threesome and other things bisexual people do, they still have challenges.

The challenges you might go through are bound to lower your self-esteem. You will resort to hating yourself and even strongly consider changing this condition. Either you might aim to be a man or a woman. Sometimes, doing so just worsens your conditions.


Not every person around you will connect with your condition. Some will consider it as a strong occurrence to an extent of deeming you abnormal. People will exclude you from some groups due to your sexual nature. As a result, withdrawal becomes your portion, not willing to associate with anybody. Your self-esteem reduces drastically making your curse everything about you.

Stigmatization is something every bisexual should not be subjected. Instead, people are supposed to love them the way they are. It makes them feel loved.

2.Mental Health Issues

It is believed that bisexual people are highly prone to mental health dysfunctions. They are at risk of suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. This is because they do not feel a sense of belonging and are uncomfortable at the thought of seeking help. So, they will just sit at home sulking and cursing themselves. Love and compassion towards bisexual people will help minimize the mental issues they face. It is something every person around them needs to exercise.

3.Relationship torments

A number of people will not feel comfortable dating bisexual people. They just do not want to be laughed at for dating a bisexual. For that reason, they will reject any advances made by bisexuals. This reduces the confidence of the affected people. In fact, dating apps have taken this stigmatization to a top notch. In that, people on these apps will categorically make it clear that they do not need any bisexual. But there are also many bisexual dating App and dating sites for bisexual. Such as: for bisexual women and couples.

4.It is not a phase

There is nothing that a bisexual is under transformation. Even in years to come, you will still be a bisexual. Living with this condition forever might seem like torture. This is due to the challenges you are bound to face. Some people will force you into being a lesbian due to your body appearance. To some extent, you will be considered as a perfect candidate for a threesome. Unfortunately, these are instances you are expected to deal with and overcome.


It is something bisexuals are destined to go through. People will criticize you for your condition. Especially when you participate in certain sports and your condition gives you an upper hand. At that juncture, bisexuality will seem as the worst thing to ever happen to you.

Bisexual people need to be loved and taken in as normal human beings. They deserve assistance that will help them lead a happier and healthier life. No day should we lose a bisexual person to mental health issues. It is not fair!

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