Maintaining and developing a good marriage is challenging for straight, and is it more difficult for bisexual friends? Perhaps the first thing many people think of is derailment. Yes, Derailment, whatever the cause, is of course wrong and is not acceptable to the majority. But the fact that everyone knows is that marriages that are not derailed are not necessarily happy, and marriages that have been derailed are not necessarily unhappy. Derailment is contrary to the basic principles of marriage, and it will certainly hurt the marriage. But derailment is not the worst thing in marriage, nor is it the "end of the world" of marriage. The wise man knows how to absorb the nutrients that are valuable to his life and become life. The real winner.

For bisexual marriage, Based on a special definition of bisexuality, bisexual people are attracted by two genders, Many bisexuals are more or less likely to have additional sexual relationships or male or female friends outside of marriage. Many times, we will see many couples on the bisexual dating site to find friends to join their marriage. Women Looking For Threesome, It's great to see that. If both spouses are willing to join a third person, whether it is a one-night stand or a long-term three-person trip, then you must find some of your boundaries and look for your other half without hurting your marriage.

I think the most terrible thing in marriage is indifference and refusal to communicate. The quarrel is not terrible, the terrible thing is that it can't be noisy, it doesn't matter to anything. No comfort, no greeting, no communication, no passion. Quarrel is a way to solve problems, The worst thing is that two people say nothing, are indifferent to each other, this is the so-called cold violence, cold violence is very harmful to women, they will be mentally and because of your cold, contempt, laissez-faire, alienation and indifference Psychologically hurt and on the verge of marriage despair.

In a bisexual marriage, I think that we should be honest with each other. Create more opportunities for communication with each other. We should be honest about our sexual orientation and our thoughts and practical actions on threesome. In many bisexual marriages, many bisexual people want to try to have a threesome relationship, but they are worried that their other half will be hurt, so before that, treat each other honestly and make relevant boundaries that will benefit your marriage.

Marriage is not easy to walk all the way, Learning to be inclusive is the most important skill.In bisexual marriage, How Do I Be a Bisexual Supportive Partner? This is also a very hot topic. Mutual trust should be a very important factor, Suspicion often ruins a good marriage. When many people find that their husband or wife is bisexual, they start to wonder if she/he still has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Does she/he not love me, does she/he often talk to another person about yourself? Maybe there is no another person at all, everything is just suspicion.

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