Because of the growing use and availability of cannabis and hemp oil recently, we are also seeing a spike on people confusing these two products. It is widely known that their difference primarily lies on their concentrations and delivery methods, but those who are new to cannabis oils and products might find it difficult to understand them. Read on as we break down the man differences of hemp oil and cannabis oil.

To begin, remember one basic fact: hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species. Both of their varieties come from the same genus Cannabis and species Cannabis sativa. Also, there are several varieties falling into further classifications in the species Cannabis sativa. When it comes to oils, their very main difference lies in the number of cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) that they contain.

There are almost four hundred natural compounds in hemp and marijuana, the most common of which are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Understanding these two is the key to understanding the difference between cannabis and hemp oil. THC is responsible for that high feeling while CBD is not psychotropic. In the recent years, it has attracted attention from experts, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of industrial hemp, which is the only plant used in making this kind of oil. Hemp seeds are cold pressed to create a nutty oil. There are no cannabinoids found in hemp oil because the seeds are not psychoactive. It is legal in many countries and can be bought in food markets, together with more common oils like coconut and olive. Hemp oil is known to have a nutty taste and contains high amounts of unsaturated fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is used in various applications, such as soaps and lotions, plastic base (instead of petroleum) and eco-friendly paints, among many others.

Cannabis Oil

On the other hand, cannabis oil is produced when the resin of the female cannabis plant is extracted with the use of a solvent. The resin is left to be dissolved in the solvent before it is evaporated, leaving a concentrated extract behind. This extract contains CBD and/or THC which is then blended with hemp, olive and other kinds of carrier oils in order to facilitate ingestion. There are varying levels of THC in cannabis vape oils which can effectively knock out even very experienced smokers.

Keep in mind that not all CBD and hemp products are the same. While they can be very powerful and potent commodities, poorly manufactured hemp CBD products can have dangerous ingredients or chemicals that are not listed in their label. With contradicting information readily found online, it is important for consumers to do their research and only get their fix from trusted sources.

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