These days, owning an air conditioner is no big deal. Gone are the days when only the financially affluent had ACs in their homes. With technological advancements, air conditioners have become much more affordable, and its energy consumptions have also decreased significantly. Now the dilemma which most people face these days is whether to buy a window or split system air conditioner in Adelaide. This is a question which most AC buyers think of while looking to make a purchase.

Choosing the right AC is imperative

Contrary to what you might believe, buying an air conditioner is an extensive process, and if you are not aware of the right ways, you can easily end up buying the wrong one. You will obviously not want to buy an air conditioner that runs for just a couple of years; you will want something that runs for several years. Precisely for this reason, choosing the right products is essential.

So how do you decide which air conditioner to buy?

Look at the size of your house

Window and split ACs vary a lot in size, and this is probably one of the first things that you should take note of. Ideally, if you have space for window AC, you would have no problems in installing split air conditioners. But looking just at the house size isn’t enough; you will have to ascertain the right size of the air conditioner too. If you end up with the wrong AC size, you will see its effects in the electricity bills. The size of the ACs is usually denoted by tonnes.
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Looking at the pros and cons of both window and split ACs

Pros of window ACs

  • Compared to central and split ACs, window units are much more inexpensive.
  • They are fairly easy to install. If you have right tools, you can do it on your own.


  • Even though you get the most expensive window ACs, they will be somewhat noisy.
  • Since most manufacturers prefer to make the units more efficient, they don’t necessarily give much importance to its looks.
  • Even though you bolt your AC with the window, there is always the risk of thieves remove the unit and breaking into your house.

Pros of Split ACs

  • These units are capable of cooling more than just 1 room.
  • You are entitled to install them anywhere you feel like, be it on the ceilings or the walls.
  • Unlike window units, split ACs are absolutely quiet.
  • Most split ACs are distinct from one another in terms of design. Manufacturers put in a great effort in the aesthetics.


  • When you compare the prices of window and split ACs, you will see that the latter is much more costly.
  • You can’t opt for DIY when it comes to installing split air conditioners. You will have to contact companies offering air conditioning installation in Adelaide. There aren’t any shortages of such companies around, so you won't have any difficulties in finding them.

So, at the end of the day, it's all down to your preference whether you want a window and split ACs.

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