Some people find betting as an inappropriate thing, often they compare it with the vices, giving an accent on the possibility of going too far and loosing all the money. On other hand, many people find betting as interesting, fun and challenging hobby, related with a lot of adrenaline and a possibility of high profitability. In any case, the point is to be much disciplined with the applying, to avoid dallying with it and to think smart before taking every next step – in this case bigger risk doesn’t exist.

In the line of the sport betting, Horse Racing takes the second place. This is a discipline that should be examined intently, but for the ones that are beginners in it, here are some useful tips that could help them become better.

Start with examining for the horses that have placed successfully in their last few races. These animals could be compared with human athletes – if they have been acquiring good positions for the last times, that means that they are in a good psychical condition, so they could be good bet. Even if the horse was not first but finished within two lengths of the leader, that means that he was running a good race and may have been a winner if the things were just a little different. Avoid betting on horses that have recently moved up in class. Many times happens that these horses have moved up prematurely.

The fitness of the horse is important, as well as his weight and consistency but you should consider his class, his running style, the jockey and the trainer, comparing with the distance of the race, the post position and the track. Count on a jockey experienced on longer distance races because he has the experience needed to properly gauge the pace of a race.

When you see slow, muddy and heavy track conditions, pick the fast started. Usually these conditions are good for the horse that takes an early lead.

Don’t bet on overly hyped horses. They will win probably but you wouldn’t get much money. Point is that you shouldn’t bet on every race; look for a good one, with a chance of earning good amount.

Always check the bookie that is offering the odds and see which of them are giving you best return.

These were the basic tips needed for start. With time you will also discover your own parameters, but never forget that luck takes a big part in this kind of horse games!

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