How dark can you go?
There are bold homeowners who have black kitchen cabinets installed in their homes. This is an extreme decision that has great benefits and a few cons. You might want to consider the benefits and the drawbacks before you decide to go dark on your kitchen cabinets.
The benefits of black kitchen cabinets
1. Sophisticated
One of the reasons why black kitchen cabinets are great is that they are sophisticated. They are dramatic in nature and show the ultimate sense of boldness in a homeowner. It is a color option that is used to make a statement of affluence and sophistication.
2. Don’t show dirt
Another reason why you may want to have this kind of cabinetry option is that they do not show dirt. Unlike light kitchen cabinets, the dark ones can hide dirt in the wood. This saves you the energy of having to wipe your cabinets often. However, you need to set a routine for cleaning your cabinets as they may get permanent stains if you don’t take care of them.
3. Perceived as warm
If you are looking for kitchen cabinets that are warm, you can opt for black kitchen cabinets. They are perceived to be warmer and friendlier because they absorb light, unlike light kitchen cabinets that reflect light away.

4. Unique
Black kitchen cabinets are unique. It is rare for you to find homeowners who are bold enough to install black kitchen cabinets. This means that they are used to express a unique personality.
Drawbacks of black kitchen cabinets
1. Make the kitchen look smaller
One of the drawbacks of black kitchen cabinets is that they make the kitchen appear smaller than it is.
2. Require more lighting
They need a robust lighting scheme that will help in creating light in the kitchen. Therefore, homeowners must invest in additional lighting in the kitchen if they intend to have black kitchen cabinets installed.
With these pros and cons, it is easier to decide if you are going to opt for black kitchen cabinets or go safe with the light kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen cabinets are the pillars of any kitchen. If you want to have a good kitchen, then you must think deeply about the kind of cabinets you are going to install. Apart from the type of cabinets, color plays a major role in determining the appearance of your kitchen. You can either go for light or dark options.