Where did we learn that there was reward in waiting? Was it standing in line in school years ago? Or do we learn sitting in traffic jams that we should slow down? Is this scenario familiar?

You have a list of things to do. On this list are important tasks that move your business forward. There may be some things that bring you greater health or develop important relationships. You put this list of priorities in front of you so that you won’t forget them. Yet day after day, items on the list remain undone.

At the same time, you’ve knocked off work early to watch a game. And you’ve spent time surfing the internet. You had an extra cup of coffee and caught up with friends on the phone. You might even have taken a nap. So what is up?

Procrastination means “to delay something that you ought to do, usually because you don’t want to do it.” The sad thing about procrastinating is that you probably still want the reward from your action. You want the contract, or the opportunity. What you want to avoid is some sort of discomfort.

So how do you get beyond this limitation? You need to decide what is most important to you. If something isn’t important, then take it off your list, because it doesn’t belong there. Then create a support system to take action. Your support system can be self-motivation, accountability to someone else, or even delegation. (Did you ever think that perhaps someone else can do the thing that you have been procrastinating?)

If you are procrastinating, you are limiting your success and taking a stand for mediocrity. There is help through professional hypnotherapy and coaching. The key is to decide that you will take action and hire an accountability partner who will not listen to your excuses. If you want to take a simple step right now, go visit my affiliate partner, Downloads for Change.

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