The first thing a man will observe about you is your appearance so if you want to make him fall in love you, it is important that you focus on this visual aspect of yourself. How you carry yourself, what you wear, and how you look, are all part of your appearance.

Three tips about appearance:

1. Make sure you that you are comfortable in in what you are wearing as well as appropriate for the occasion, but also remember to dress to impress. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing because that will help you exude confidence.

2. Make sure you are smiling. If you are smiling, you make the other person feel more comfortable to be their complete self. Make sure your smile is sincere and not forced.

3. Maintain regular eye contact, make sure your body is not curved , and your shoulders back. Being confident attracts many men.

Looking for things to say to make him fall in love with you? Try these:

* Show a genuine interest in what he is saying and when applicable ask follow up questions. This is a great way to get him very interested in you since he will be happy that you are showing a genuine interest in his thoughts.

* When you are communicating with him, find a common interest or even better a passion and stay on this subject for a while. This is not only good for lasting communication but having common interests and passions is a great basis for a relationship.

* If you want to understand what attracts men to women, this tip will give you a clue. Men like women to stroke their ego a bit. Give his ego a small boost (don’t be obvious that this is what you are trying to do), be sincere in what you find impressive.

Avoid these things on your quest to getting a man to fall in love with you:


* Don’t turn your eyes away from him for a long period of time or act like you are feeling uncomfortable.

* Don’t take over the conversation or give him a list of reasons why he would be lucky to date you. Take the role as the interviewer on the date, he will perceive you as a great communicator.

These guidelines are a few things that you can do to make yourself stand out when your goal is to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex. But you should always remember that if you can’t be your complete self there is no use of being with him anyway. Be sure that you are not being someone else when trying to get his attention. You will know if this man is right for you if he enjoys being with you when you are yourself.

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