Spiritual Healing is a self-growth tool that expands your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being and helps you live your life from a stronger, more expanded, more empowered level of consciousness. Spiritual Healing is a tool that available to everyone regardless of religion or creed or level of spiritual awareness.

Healing from a spiritual perspective is grounded in the Universal Truth that your essential Self, the foundation of your beingness, is spiritual in origin and nature. Spiritual Healing acknowledges the fact that you are a Soul, an eternal, individuated spark of Light and Consciousness who has come out of the Source (God) to experience reality at all its many levels and dimensions.

All the rest of who and what you are flows from your spiritual nature. Your mind, your emotions, your ego, your personality and your physical body are extensions of your spiritual nature. They are the formed vehicles through which your, as an embodied Soul, experience life and through which you grow and mature to your full capacity and abilities as a spiritual being.

In practical everyday terms, Spiritual Healing helps you to be clearer about what is important to you, to be free, confident and empowered to live your life with authenticity, to know your true self-worth, to be compassionate toward self and others, to be a positive force within your own life and for others, and so much more.

Why is Spiritual Healing Necessary? Just as your physical body has a particular structural makeup, so do your other energy bodies – your spiritual body, your mental body, your emotional body and your etheric body – the formed parts of you that aren’t readily detected with your five senses. Think of your spiritual anatomy is a vibrational continuum of formed energy that runs from the deepest and most subtle level of your energy system, which is your spiritual body, to the most outwardly detectable and dense level, which is your physical body.

And, just as your lived experiences can cause damage, weakness, dysfunction or stuckness in the structures of your physical body, your life’s experiences can also cause damage in your other energy bodies. In fact, dysfunction at the physical level is really just the indication and outward manifestation of some kind of dysfunction or weakness at the other, more subtle levels of your makeup. But regardless of their cause, blocks at any level will impede your development as a Spiritual Being and ultimately make it harder for you to function at your full spiritual capacity.

Here’s another, even more compelling reason why Spiritual Healing is a necessary part of the spiritual development or “self-growth” process. As an eternal Being you have experienced many different “lifetimes” and at many different dimensions and levels of formed reality. In other words, you’ve had many opportunities to experience the bumps, bruises and hard knocks that life lived in form and with Free Will can throw at you.

Every unhealed, unresolved experience you’ve had as a Soul is still with you, being held somewhere within your energy system waiting for you to reach the level consciousness and personal power needed to be able to look at those unhealed parts of self, those unhealed experiences and to bring them up for healing and release.

A “healed experience” is one that no longer limits you in anyway. When an experience is healed there is no need to hang onto any of the trauma and drama of that experience and the lessons and wisdom gain from healed experiences can be integrated into your consciousness. Yes, some of your experiences can be healed in Spirit, when you leave your physical body and go into the realms of Light. Many, if not most, of your experiences, however, can only be fully healed when you are in a physical body. The bottom line is that Spiritual Healing is a necessary and integral part of the spiritual development/self-growth process.

How do You Know if Spiritual Healing is For You? The simple fact that you’re reading this article is a clue that you’re sensing a need or desire to experience healing from a spiritual perspective. But often people are not consciously aware of the fact that they’re seeking a spiritual level of healing. They just know that something is not working well in their life or they’re seeking something more from life than the mundane activities of survival.
Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the many reasons people seek spiritual healing:
• Do you feel stuck in a career that is no longer fulfilling, and yet are unable to see other options or feel powerless to change directions?
• Do you have some kind of health problem that neither conventional or alternative medicine has been able to help you with?
• Do you feel plagued by an addiction that not only jeopardizes your health but also leaves you feeling out of control of your life?
• Do you feel restricted by societal or familial pressures to live your life – and to think or believe – a certain way even when you know deep inside that it’s not in alignment with who you truly are or what you really sense as Truth?
• Do you seek to be free of old programs, thought patterns and destructive behaviors that can feel set in so strongly that no amount of will power or positive affirmations seems to be able to break their hold?
• Do you feel stuck in relationships that are unfulfilling or meaningless and are looking for healthy and empowering ways to get unstuck?
• Do you feel unable to leave relationships that are harmful and destructive to your sense of self-worth or physical well-being?
• Do you feel under the control or influence of another person around whom you feel weak, powerless and vulnerable?
• Would you like to be able to stand up for yourself and get out from under the thumb of another person’s abuse of personal power?

People who are consciously on the spiritual path will come for spiritual healing when other things they’ve tried don’t seem to work. They may be employing all the success tools they know and still find that they are not able to draw into their life the positive experiences they are seeking, whether it’s financial security, a good relationship or better health. Spiritual Healing can help reveal the missing keys and clear the obstacles to their success.

It’s also not uncommon for the spiritually aware person to reach a point in their process where they feel like they’ve hit a wall or a road block that stymies their progress. They will seek Spiritual Healing to reveal what the block is and where it’s coming from so that it can be cleared from their path.

Spiritual Healing is also sought by those who feel disconnected from God, who feel either unworthy of God’s help or that God doesn’t really care about them or the world’s suffering. Spiritual Healing helps people break through whatever keeps them feeling separate from God and teaches them how to develop a powerful, strong and direct connection with God.

As the above examples show, nearly every issue in a person’s life around which they feel the need for healing can be approached from a spiritual perspective.

How Can We Help You? As Spiritual Healers and Teachers – and the SelfGrowth.com Official Guides to Spiritual Healing – Adriene Wentworth and I are dedicated to helping sincere seekers like yourself find and strengthen your God Connection and heal all of the obstacles which are preventing health and fulfillment at all levels of your existence. We are very pleased to introduce you to the particular method of Spiritual Healing that Adriene and I work with: the Christa Healing Method®, which Adriene developed from her extensive and intricate study of our energy system and her mastery of sacred, empowered sounds.

In a Christa Healing session, we look deep within the structures of your spiritual anatomy to find out the root causes of the particular concerns you are seeking to address, whether they are of a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical nature. These root causes can include things like energy cordings, imprinted beliefs or patterns, limited aspects of self, past-life traumas, karmic influences, outside negative interferences, dysfunctional codes and programs at the DNA, genetic and cellular levels, and more – anything that has energetic form can be released with this method.

Our clients have found the Christa Healing Method® to be one of the most powerful and deeply effective healing tools available today. Furthermore, they know it to be an essential spiritual development tool for growing into the fully empowered Being God intends for them to be.

If an approach to self-growth from a spiritual perspective attracts you, we invite you to visit ChristaHealingPartners.com for more information and to see for yourself what the Christa Healing Method® can do to help you achieve your self-growth goals.

Author's Bio: 

Julia Ahlers Ness is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher and a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher of the Christa Healing Method®. Julia has over 10 years of experience with the Christa Healing Method and is the founder of the Center for Healing Partnerships. Julia also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Master of Arts in Theological Ethics and is the co-author of two highly successful, well-regarded religious education textbooks, Growing in Christian Morality and Sharing God's Goodness.

Adriene Wentworth is a Master Spiritual Healer and Teacher and developer of the Christa Healing Method®. She has over 30 years of experience as a powerhouse and pioneer in the fields of spiritual development, healing, mediation and mantra. Adriene is the founder of Christa Resources, LLC and a channel for the Ancient Spiritual Hierarchy that watches over the evolutionary development of Human Consciousness and has channeled the book, Divine Intervention, on their behalf. Adriene has also put out two CDs of empowered sacred sound, Water in the Eyes of Time and Healing Sounds of AnaMata.

To find out more about Julia and Adriene and the services they offer, visit their expert page on SelfGrowth.com (http://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/julia_ahlers_ness_adriene_wentworth.html) or their web site, www.christahealingpartners.com.

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