What is worse, not knowing what you like, or liking almost everything so you don't know what to pursue? Let's figure out how to solve both of these dilemmas.
Some of the people I work with suffer from not knowing their passions in life. Nothing excites them, everything is kind of vanilla. If they don't even know what they want for breakfast, how will they be able to figure out what to do with their lives that bring them meaning?
Then we have the polar opposite, in those who are excited about everything and run around chasing one butterfly prettier than the next. These people are great at finding things they like, but no more have they gotten started and something else that seems more exciting moves their focus away from what they just started...
I can relate to both of these situations, in my younger years I was not in touch with my true desire and didn't know what it was supposed to feel like to get excited about something. That is probably one of the reasons I studied economics at university...
I then "awakened" after a health crisis and connected to (part of) my Life Purpose and suddenly so many things were calling out to me. I had a hard time sticking with anything for any length of time, since something even more exciting had come my way.
There seems to be a 3-step process happening, that I have observed both in myself and in many of my clients that I would like to take you through. It is possible to be connected to your heart's desire AND have the ability to know what things to pursue and which ones to put on the back burner, or not do at all since they are not a good fit with what you're all about.
Phase 1 "I Don't Know What I Like"
This phase if often characterized by a deep inner longing that just won't go away. You know there is more for you to do in life, but what? Feeling lost and not connected to anything is painful, and unfortunately it often takes somekind of crisis to catapult someone out of this phase.
But why let it go on for so long that you invite crisis into your life? What seems to be happening more and more is that people are able to come to increased awareness by consciously re-activating their "desire function". I say re-activating since your "desire function" was in the "on" position when you were born.
What likely turned it "off" was a slow and gradual process listening more and more to outside messages than to your inner voice as you made decisions in your life.
Phase 2 "I Like So Many Things I Can't Choose"
Here you have, often suddenly, or by gradually honoring your higher self and inner voice, reconnected with how it feels to like something. This feeling brings great excitement often followed by a desire to take action. The only problem is that so many things are exciting that you get overwhelmed and possibly confused in how to choose from the "smorgasbord" of life.
Phase 3 "Let's Add Discernment"
If phase 2, where excitement brings you all over the place, is not followed by increased discernment around who you are at the core of your being, and what you are here to do, and where you find deeper meaning, you risk "burning out" and returning to a more withdrawn phase 1.
That's why it is so important to bring in discernment and gain awareness to see what path to pursue, and what "doings" will bring you your "right life". Without being able to parse your "likes" through this filter you are still stuck since you can't do it all.

Author's Bio: 

Annika has intuitively allowed herself to be guided on a path that at times seemed to make little sense. Her experiences range from the world of business and technology to that as a healer. With degrees in economics and computer science as well as diplomas in several modalities of natural health and personal growth, she has allowed herself to grow as a whole person. As a Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst, Annika is uniquely positioned to take her clients from discovering their Life’s Purpose to taking inspired action on that purpose, by mastering their mindset.

Annika understands that to thrive in the new economy we must be authentic and creative while at the same time understand how to get things done in the “real world”. By showing her clients how to bridge their masculine and feminine energies she is a leader in the emerging “Grounded Personal Growth” industry.

Annika is the founder of TrulyU and works with her clients privately and in groups. To learn more about Annika’s work and to get free "Purpose2Business Tools" you are invited to visit http://www.TrulyU.com