Are you tired of finding softball pitching clinics with the experience of rec ball players? Want to find a clinic that actually knows what they are doing? Luckily, I have spent many years pitching and instructing while attending numerous events, and I have picked up on some important tips I would like to share with you to make the process of finding the best softball pitching clinics that much easier.

First, a common mistake made by these camps is how long they will let their pitchers practice for. Six hours drills are not helpful. In fact they can be down right dangerous to a pitchers arm.

That however is only one of the many mistakes. I've come to realize that most pitching camps don't realize that they need an equal pitcher to catcher ratio. They always have more pitchers and not enough catchers.

Since catchers need time to train on other parts of softball they can not be expected to catch the entire event. Some events in this situation will have pitchers catch for pitchers which is counter productive since the pitchers are not experienced enough to be a catcher. So how do you fix this problem?

Well, find a clinic that has gone out of their way to get pitching nets or at least use a fence. This gives a pitcher a set target and is a good way to train. However, they need plenty of softballs to throw and will need to retrieve them after they've thrown them all.

Another important aspect to a good softball clinic is to find one that has a set schedule that includes plenty of time for warm up. Without warming up you can actually harm the muscles in your body. Plus, they need to set time aside not only for learning, practicing, and playing different areas of the game, but also set aside times for regular breaks. Playing too much can be harmful to your throwing arm and to your health. These breaks should include plenty of water to avoid dehydration and include snacks to keep up the strength of the campers and the coaches.

A good softball camp should be teaching you to be the best you can be. Some clinics will give you plenty of good information, but it will only last few days of the event. It's important for the clinic to give you take away information, because once you get home you are your own coach.

Something to look for before choosing between any of the softball pitching clinics is to see if they give you a video of your form and the form of a professional pitcher to compare and repair your own form. An event I attended even gave campers personalized booklets with skills and drills for the campers to look back on.

At the end of the clinic the camper must go home and remember all of the things taught at the clinic so look for softball pitching clinics that give you those necessary tools.

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