Women crave for sex as much as men do (well, okay, we do have a much bigger appetite) and that means they take pleasure with sex as much as men do --- that's why it's never an excuse not being able to pleasure your girl in bed. A hundred percent of the time, we contribute so much into making her reach the peak so it pays to be a gentleman on this one and make her go first. Now, what happens if you're completely clueless about making love? Well, maybe you did make love with a few women in the past but were you satisfied? Was she satisfied? End the long list of doubts --- here are hot ways to pleasure your girl in bed --- and find out what she craves the most during sex!

* Undivided attention. During sex, women need your undivided attention most of all. Don't just get in there and focus your entire energy trying to pleasure yourself --- are you even aware of the expression on her face? When things get a little too hot for you to handle, try to step on the brakes a little and think about her needs too.

* Mental stimulation. Before getting into first base, remember to converse with your girl for a while --- women love to be mentally stimulated before sex. Frankly speaking, women just automatically get in a mood for sex when they are mentally stimulated. So take time for a little chitchat --- you will both need a little time to chill out before the real show begins.

* Passion for foreplay. Foreplay is a requirement during sex --- we have said it so many times before. If you want her going all wild with passion and pleasure, the best way to achieve that is through foreplay --- foreplay will make sex a lot more fun and exciting for her. So give it some passion too!

* Creative tactics. Stuck on your regular sex position since the beginning of time? Come on. Sex is never supposed to be boring. Sex gives you a million reasons to be adventurous and creative --- you need life and passion when you're having sex. When you do, expect your woman to do just the same --- she'd be more than willing to try a few tricks and new positions with you, believe me.

* A go for round two. Ever wondered why women love to cuddle right after? It is because they've already peaked during foreplay, they got all worked up again while you were trying to reach yours --- if you're up for the challenge, why not? A round two is definitely going to be more interesting than the first round.

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