When you first decide to manifest something wonderful, you probably feel a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about it. Your spirits are high, you are convinced that you can attract this thing into your life and you eagerly get started visualizing, affirming and believing.

But then a few days or perhaps weeks into the journey, something goes wrong. Maybe something happens that makes it seem like your dream cannot possibly come true now; or other aspects of your life seem to fall apart and prevent you from focusing on your current goals. Why does this happen? There could be endless reasons, but let’s look at a few common ones:

Insufficient energy and focus

If your goal is a relatively new one, it’s possible that you haven’t yet put forth the necessary amount of energy and focus in order to begin drawing it into your life. Things falling apart may seem to be in response to your new intention, when in fact it may be the result of older negative thoughts that you are now in the process of changing.

Creating a space for your new desire

As unpleasant as chaos and upheaval can be, they can also be a force for good by tearing down what is no longer serving you in order to make room for something much better. A great example of this phenomenon is when you set an intention to create your dream career, and a week later you get laid off from your job.


It is also possible that you are subconsciously creating your own chaotic experiences because the thought of achieving your goal frightens you in some way. Even though you may want it badly, a tiny part of you (or a large part of you) may feel intimidated by the idea, so you attract all kinds of upheavals and crises to distract yourself and have an excuse not to work on manifesting that particular dream.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell why everything has gone haywire, or why your goal doesn’t seem possible to manifest at this time. But when upheavals like these happen, one of the worst things you can do is panic.

The moment you begin reacting emotionally to the challenges, you are “polluting” your energetic signal with feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration, fear, and so on. As you probably know, all this does is keep attracting more situations that will make you feel that way.

A much better reaction is to purposely stay calm. There are endless ways to release stress and stay focused on the positive things you are trying to manifest. For example, visualization, meditation, journaling, and other activities are great ways to step back from the panicky feelings and stay focused on your intentions. And when you can do that consistently, you are much more likely to see some clear progress on your manifestations.

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David Hooper is a Law of Attraction expert and author of "The Rich Switch - The Simple 3-Step System to Turn on Instant Wealth Using the Law of Attraction." Visit http://www.richswitch.com/ to get a copy of the audio book version free of charge.