What is my purpose? This is the #1 question that people ask themselves when they begin their spiritual journey. If you are asking yourself this question, realize that the act of contemplating your purpose is an important part of spiritual transformation. It´s through contemplating that we break through the barriers in the mind and discover new insights and revelations that begin to point towards who we are what we are born to do while being on this earth at this time.

There are 2 questions that people often ask me when they are in search of purpose. The first is: how do I find my purpose or what can I do to begin to find my purpose? My response to this question is simple: you can´t find your purpose outside of yourself. Therefore, you have to search within and allow your purpose to reveal itself to you. Your purpose wants to be found and there are many signs within you that guide you toward it if you are willing to pay attention to them. You have to begin to be conscious of yourself and increase your awareness of your inner world.

Here are 3 simple techniques that will help you and guide you toward your purpose:

1) Not It – Knowing what you were born to do begins with recognizing what you weren´t born to do. I meet people all the time who hate what they do for a living and complain about their lives. I often tell them "why don´t you pay attention to that?" They usually look at me sideways for a moment and then I explain to them that knowing that you´re going in the wrong direction is just as important as knowing that you´re going in the right direction. In other words, when ever you know that you don´t want to live your life the way you´ve been living it, pay attention to it, and take action to move in a different direction.

2) Follow Your Heart and Intuition – Your heart and your inner intuition are like built in purpose guiding systems that will, more often than not, lead you in the direction you want to go. Most people listen to their own minds battle back and forth and debate until their programmed beliefs tell them what to do. This can often cause confusion and lead people down a path that may have been conditioned in them by parents or friends. Your heart and your inner intuition on the other hand often speak the truth and provide you with clearer direction than your mind.

3) Notice Your Feelings of Inspiration, Enthusiasm, and Freedom. When ever you feel inspired, enthusiastic, or spiritually free, you are on the right path. The word inspired translates to "In Spirit" and the word enthusiasm translates to "In God". This means that feeling inspired and enthusiastic are ways of experiencing the divine within you. When ever you feel spiritually free or an uplifting feeling in you to create, dream, expand, and grow, you are in alignment with your higher self or spirit. Your purpose is about allow these feelings to come forward through what you do and feeling in alignment with the world.

The second most common question I get is: how do I know when I´m living my life on purpose? My response is you will know your purpose just as you know you´re alive. Knowing is about connection between mind body and spirit. It´s about being in tune with yourself and being able to be consciously aware of what allows you to be your authentic self and contribute a part of yourself to the world. The best three ways to increase you mind body connection are:




Your purpose is about living from the inside out and connecting to the higher part of yourself that wants to free to build, dream, create, evolve, grow, and expand in life. Do what makes you feel alive and free and follow the wisdom within you and you will be divinely guided to what you were born to do.

Author's Bio: 

Garett Guenot, also known as Purpose Guy, is a purpose coach, author, and speaker who has dedicated his life to helping others discover what they were born to do.

Garett is President and CEO of PurposeGuy LLC, a company designed to teach individuals to discover their purpose in life and inspire them to pursue their dreams with excellence. For over 10 years Garett has been studying the art and science of personal development , in a quest to determine the common skills and traits of fulfilled and successful people. In the process, he discovered that true success is a combination of 3 things. Successful people pursue their passion, expand their purpose to benefit others, while progressively realizing their vision and dreams.

As a purpose coach and mentor, Garett is teaching people from all different backgrounds specialized techniques that show them how to transition their lives from exhausting and unrewarding to extraordinary and fulfilling. He is the host of an insightful and inspiring online radio show called Purpose Talk. As a speaker, Garett is well known for his energy and experiential approach to modern living. His background in psychology, counseling, and organizational leadership provide him with a dynamic combination of tools and strategies that captivate his audience.

Garett has achieved honors for his ability to lead organizations and produce outstanding results both professionally as well as academically. He specifically focuses on what his clients need in order for them to discover their purpose and pursue it with passion. When he's not traveling and sharing his message, he's studying and researching the latest advancements in personal development.

Garett holds a degree in psychology, a certification in Organizational Leadership, and has received training in counseling and marriage and family therapy from California State University Fullerton. On his spare time he enjoys writing and relaxing in his home in Newport Beach, California