TroubleThe Beatles song goes "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" and it's so true that unless you are truly "home" to experience every moment of your life, it will go by and you won't notice.

If you expect life to be smooth sailing you will likely get very frustrated as soon as stuff comes up, but life is designed to send challenges your way so you can keep learning and growing.

To get the most out of life and stay anchored in spite of what comes your way, it is essential to understand that we operate in a dual mode, I think of it as a cross. On the horizontal axis we move through time and "stuff" comes our way. On the vertical axis your connection to source energy and presence brings focus and resources, and there is always a calm here. Just like it is always calm at the bottom of a lake, even on the windiest of days.

If you think that your life is the ups and downs on the surface of the lake (the horizontal axis), you're in for an exhausting roller coaster ride. But if you become aware that there is another reality within you, what comes your way during life is less daunting.

It is always important to be present to get the most out of your experiences, and to be able to be your best for yourself and for those in your life. But it is essential to be present in these 3 circumstances:


As You Maneuver Rough Times

If you allow yourself to identify with emotions and thoughts when the going gets tough in your life, chances are that challenges, big and small, will take over your life and keep you stuck and likely in suffering.

Through presence you gain the clarity to see the difference between challenges you can do something about, and those that are out of your control, and then surrender to what is. This seizing of resistance will miraculously allow solutions to come in to your life that you are not privy to when you operate from resistance mode.


So you Don't Miss Those Special Moments

It is easy to fall into a pattern where we live for the big milestones in life and keep waiting for certain things, like a job or a relationship, before we start living for real. That way of thinking is nothing but an illusion and will likely rob you of those everyday gems your life is sprinkled with.

When you can be present in every moment you will be there fully to enjoy a happy hug from your child, the smell of grass in the summer, and other precious moments that easily are lost as you hurry towards the next big thing in your life.


So You Stay On Purpose

Unless you consciously set your direction for what you want your life to be about, chances are that you are operating in default mode and are living somebody else's agenda or even life! If that is the case, no wonder it is not bringing you that deeper meaning you are looking for…

To connect with what you are all about and what you are here to do it is crucial that you are fully in the moment. By being present you will find the expression of your purpose that is right for you right now. Those answers can only come from within yourself and only when you are "home".
Don't wake up to the realization that you have lived a life that wasn't yours when you have run out of time and energy. Connect with your purpose and make it come alive by being in the moment everyday of your life starting with today.

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Author's Bio: 

"Annika has intuitively allowed herself to be guided on a path that at times seemed to make little sense. Her experiences range from the world of business and technology to that as a healer. With degrees in economics and computer science as well as diplomas in several modalities of natural health and personal growth, she has allowed herself to grow as a whole person. As a Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst, Annika is uniquely positioned to take her clients from discovering their Life’s Purpose to taking inspired action on that purpose, by mastering their mindset.

Annika understands that to thrive in the new economy we must be authentic and creative while at the same time understand how to get things done in the “real world”. By showing her clients how to bridge their masculine and feminine energies she is a leader in the emerging “Grounded Personal Growth” industry.

Annika is the founder of TrulyU and works with her clients in group classes and masterminds. To learn more about Annika’s work you are invited to email or call 613 725 3401."