Some people spend their time & energy looking for god in all the places here and there,
Some in the temples ,some in lone far off places and some in meditation while some see him in other fellow human beings.But the truth is God resides in the hearts of everyone and it tries its best to make the world run in our favour . Thus everybody is a god or the creator of good in his or her life.The moment in our life we are about to set our foot on a path which leads us away from truth and good and towards malice and evil, mostly due to our negative thinking because of our head, we feel a sense of fear in our heart which is gods way of warning us to stay onto the right path.Thus we can create our own life or destiny or circumstances through this god in us or rather the god that we all are.Thus the advantage of knowing that you are god is that you have the power to change bad into good when you desire.The reason why people don’t believe that there is god in them and they can stop looking elsewhere is that because they want to take it easy and blame outside forces for not being able to listen to the warning signs inside them for their mistakes in life and thus blame this imaginary god outside themselves for their pain and sorrows.Thus its often useless to pray ,worship or make symbols for gods to keep us feeling fulfilled while inside we continue doing wrong.Though these symbols can be used to reconnect to the guiding light in us or the god in us that tells us what to do in difficult situations in ones life. Know that you are already where you want to be and actually give life to this body that you happen to own on this part of your life on earth so make this journey an adventurous one.Best of luck to the god within everyone! Swati.

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