Where you are today in your business and your life is a result of only one person—YOU. If you are going to change your life, you must first take responsibility for the state of your life, which includes the state of your business, your relationships, your health, and your personal growth. You must accept that everything, the good, the bad - everything you’re happy about and everything that makes you sad or even mad is all a result of your past thinking, behaviors, and choices. You have control over only one person—YOU. Change your thinking and you will change your behaviors, choices, and life.
The state of your life today didn’t occur because of your family or friends, your boss, the economy, the competition, or any person or influence outside of you. If that is what you are thinking, there’s a name for you—it’s called ‘victim’. For victims it’s easier to play the ‘blame game’ than take responsibility for their lives and current life situation. You are the only one that has the power in this very moment to choose your thoughts, take responsibility for them, and change your life. No one else can choose your life but you!
Today is the day to get your dreams in check, stop and think whether what you are thinking and doing is going to take you where you want to go or give you more of the same.
It's not what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you think you are not. When discouragement, fear or anger takes control of you, you are not thinking about a positive future. Only thoughts about a positive future can take you in that direction and create a different life. If you don’t change anything today, tomorrow will be exactly the same; next week will be exactly the same, next year will be exactly the same, and so goes your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself which will reveal whether you are on the right track:
• Have you lost focus? If so, STOP and get it back!
• Are you 100% committed? If you have the attitude, “I don’t think this will work but I’ll give it a try,” you’re kidding yourself about being committed.
• Have you gotten rid of distraction or are you ignoring them?
• What action are you taking daily? It’s not just about Attitude—Action plays an equally important role.

Shocking fact: 90% of people will earn 10% upward or downward of what they are making right now for the rest of their lives. Take yourself out of that 90%! If you have created what you have right now, you can create something different if you choose to.
Listen to the voice that says, “I know I can do it.” Have a mindset that is unstoppable. The good news is you don’t have to be super-human. Make a decision to be great, see yourself mentally and emotionally already where you want to be in the future, set your environment up so it supports you, and get going!
Look at your life through eyes that see you already where you want to be. Keep seeing yourself there and the universe will accommodate you. When you do it once, you ‘conceive it’, when you do it often, you come to ‘believe it’, and you know what Napoleon Hill says comes next: You ‘achieve it!’

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Glenda Feilen, author, international speaker, and recognized authority on the Law of Attraction, shares no-fail techniques to achieve prosperity and success in her book, Life is a Puzzle-Are All Your Pieces in Place. Glenda’s ATTRACTION IN ACTION formula reveals how to attract anything to you by using the Law of Attraction from inside-out: What is “In You, On You, and Around You.” Glenda is the only Law of Attraction Specialist who empowers others to use the Law of Attraction in all three critical areas of their energy field. For over 30 years, her books, seminars and workshops have taught thousands an amazing process to achieve wealth, happiness and rewarding relationships. Her mission is to show others how to employ simple, easy techniques to attract tremendous abundance and success in every aspect of their lives.