Forex ( Foreign Exchange ) is a type of transaction that trades a country's currency against another country's currency in order to profit from differences in currency values. Where Bitcoin is a crypto-currency or software that forms a decentralized, peer-to-peer, worldwide payment system, without the control of any centralised authority.
Stock and Bitcoin can also be found in the world of Forex where traders take advantage of the opportunity to buy foreign currencies when prices are still cheap and are resold at higher prices.

The price movements are influenced because of supply-demand, and the public can predict the direction of price movements with the method of technical analysis (looking at charts and patterns past price movements) or fundamentals (see the intrinsic value or situation or condition of the company). Using any analysis method, there are no predictions that can be 100% exact because the price of shares, Forex, and Bitcoin can change at any time when things happen unexpectedly. For example in the Forex world: when the 9/11 incident occurred, the rate of USD fell because everyone predicted that the event would affect the weakening of the USD. This incident caused many market players to sell USD so that the USD rate finally dropped dramatically.
The trading volume of the forex market $3 trillion on daily basis, Forex Market is 46 times greater than all the combined stock markets and is therefore called the most liquid market in the world. When compared to Forex, the Bitcoin market is still classified as a small market so the price of Bitcoin tends to change easily (5-7 times more volatile than Forex) when a party buys or sells a large amount of Bitcoin.

Forex and Bitcoin have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the best trading facilities can only be determined by each individual with a mature calculation. Keep in mind that trading Bitcoin tends to be more risky because the price is more volatile than the forex markets, but the potential that Bitcoin has is far greater than both.

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