What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a vast, abundant concept that brings impact to people. The law of attraction is taught and shared to people that whatever you set your mind into, you get to manifest it with positivity. People haven't come up with the benefits of thinking positively and on how it will bring power and abundance to a person's physical and mental health.

That would be nice wouldn't it? People in the universe would be really grateful if that were true, lives would be easier, creating the future, and infinite joy will be leading people ahead. Focusing on the possibilities that the law of attraction could offer and the limitless dreams and power that people desire the most would simply be achieved by believing that it's real. The point is what they teach in movies like the secret, they teach a three-step method which are:


That's all you got to do, ask for what you want, believe you're going to get it, and then you just receive it. Doesn't that sound great? the tool to make the law of attraction possible is simply offered, all we need to do is respond yet we lack to understand the law of attraction. The idea of achieving a million dollars and then you just wait for it to come in reality is just a vision in mind, that's not going to work that way, not unless we discover reality, the reality that the law of attraction should come with the ability to produce realistic actions.

It would be great if the process of law of attraction tends to work that way, however, people making a lot of money control you with confidence because we all want to hear what we think can bring us happiness and joy, that our goal and long term practice was to utilize nothing, but to ask, believe, and receive. It doesn't work that simple, the patterns don't offer sense.

-Wouldn't it be nice though, would it be great if you didn't have to work.
-Wouldn't it be great if you could just sit there and focus on the goals.
-Like I want to lose 10 pounds, I'm gonna eat junk food and never exercise, watch tv, and I'll just think about losing weight and I'll get rich six-pack abs.
Won't that be quite nice, People would experience instant happiness and automatically be grateful, but that's not gonna happen in real life situations.

What do we actually have to do? Here's the major truth about the law of attraction in daily life:

Humans are creatures of habit but we're also creatures of vibration, we are in fact magnets, every single person in the universe. Science proves that humans have a wide range of access to our own brain which we haven't realized and discovered.

What does that mean for you? what it means is that let's say you're thinking about being wealthy, you're thinking about having 30,000 a month income, you're getting that 30,000 a month in your online business. The point is, let's say your desire was about wanting to get to that 30,000 a month, that's some kind of magic number, it's definitely life-changing money. You're thinking about that, but there's a part of you where negative thoughts rule's your mind that will change your understanding and perspective and would impact your decision. That's why people's fear of limiting their body, impact the brain that makes people believe that:

I probably can't utilize it

I probably can't get there

I've tried everything already

That's not gonna work, what's happening is in fact you are pushing that positive vision away through your vibration, through your thoughts including your beliefs. Read tips, articles, ideas, and learn secret tools on how to improve everyday situations, people do have to change the vibration and you do that by using an Afformations® method.

Afformations® method is the power and energy to manifest techniques of the law of attraction.
1. Changing your beliefs and the subconscious level

- Change our beliefs using the Afformations® method

2. Take action

- We have to take action

3. Have positive expectancy

- We need to have that optimistic thinking to attract positivity

Through these steps, people are able to change the vibrations and attract infinite possibilities. People should not just ask, believe, receive; it's actually asking, meaning a form and then you act which brings people the reasons to be mindful and to take action. Positive thinkers do enjoy the daily offer of life without the fear of negativity, people should put aside stress and start to enjoy the moment that life brings.

A million dollars doesn't just show up in an instant to your bank account, six rich pack abs don't just magically appear. All the marketers are basically lying sociopaths, they're making stories to get to your financial check and get you to buy their word, they're making it sound like you don't have to do any work because who wants the idea to do work? people are quiet lazy, and we are aware of it.

People wants instant change

Most common question we fear to check are the two:

-Who wants change?

-Who wants to have more money, more time, more energy, more freedom and better relationships?

Everybody says I want change, every hand tends to go up and then when asked, who wants to change? and everybody responds, not me. People don't want to change but we simply want change and the law of attraction doesn't work that way, not on planet earth.

I'll give you a great example, many years ago when I started my spiritual studies back in the 90s, I was reading books by people like Louise Hay and Ernest Holmes, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neil Donald Walsh, all the spiritual thinkers of our time and I had a dream to be a Hay house author and I said wouldn't that be amazing to be a Hay house author but then instantly my head trash that voice in my head literally said that'll never happen, who's gonna listen to me I don't have anything to talk about, I'm nobody, I'm nothing. Who's ever gonna listen to me? I hear that voice all the time, constantly.

Then in 1997 I had two epiphanies when I discovered affirmations and then I discovered success anorexia which later became my book, the point is that I said, this is why I believed I'm here on earth, I just kept taking and it was more like hope, it wasn't even really a belief. One day I got introduced to Reed Tracy the president of Hay house, one of the most brilliant marketers here on the face of the US, one of the most amazing people here in the publishing industry and he loved my work and he offered me a publishing contract with Hay house and here I am, a Hay house author for life.

What does this mean for you?

Even if you don't really believe it, as long as you keep taking action, miracles do manifest. Focusing on the possibilities of the law of attraction and combat the people's negative experiences through the help of meditation. The visualization of our desire matters, the vibrational frequency the law of attraction suggests is to include optimism and continue to manifest in daily life.

Another powerful example: there's a great golfer named Bubba Watson. You may not have heard of him but he won the masters. Bubba Watson is not as famous as Tiger Woods or some of other golfers, however, he is a masters champion. In the interview at the masters, Jim Nance asked him, was it just like you pictured it? and Bubba Watson said he was crying, his tears running down his face as he remembered, he said I don't know, I never got this far in my dreams.

He didn't even dream to achieve it and yet he did it, the point is don't worry about believing so much and you have to strengthen your receiving muscles, people should remember that the human brain is powerful enough to attract frequencies. Sometimes it's hard for us to receive help, I've been such a giver my whole life. What is amazing is that I've been giving for so long that I honestly forgot the feeling of receiving, people have to receive attention absolutely but you've got to take action and you've got to add value and improve effectively for the people you love before you can expect to receive anything.

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