1. Foreign exchange is the world's largest financial market.
The daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market exceeds 3 trillion US dollars.forex market has a large daily trading volume can achieve excellent price stability under most market conditions. This means that you may never be as slippery as you are when trading stocks or commodities. The price you see on the trading screen is the price you get.

2. Trading anytime, anywhere; 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.
There are 3 different trading hours for you to use in the US, Europe and Asia, which allows you to trade on your own schedule and respond to the latest news from around the world.

3. Market transparency and immediate execution.
The transparency of the foreign exchange market is much higher than stocks or commodities, which means it is easier to analyze the internal operations of the market and identify the factors that drive the market.

4. The price movements in the foreign exchange market are highly predictable
Due to its high speculative nature, foreign exchange price movements tend to overshoot and then return to the mean. This means that there are many repetitive patterns that are easily identifiable to traders who have been trained in price behavior analysis.

5 Mini account and micro account make it easy for you to get started.
There are many forex brokers who can easily access it on the internet. Unlike futures or stock markets, if you have a full-service broker in Forex trading, it won't bring you much benefit. Most of the larger Forex brokers offer tight spreads and very similar prices, and they also offer demo accounts that let you test your trading ideas before the firm. Another benefit of the Forex market is that you can start at a minimum amount.

6. Foreign exchange price movements are very suitable for price action settings.
Due to the speculative and reverse nature of the foreign exchange market, prices tend to continue to move in one direction and then return to the mean or value area. Often, price action signals can adversely affect these big moves. If you are trained by a professional trader in the field of price behavior analysis, you can design the entire trading plan around some simple and effective price action settings.

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