Here are 6 good reasons to trade in Forex market:

1. Forex market never closes. It is open 24 hours and 5 days a week in all over the world. In this time frame, you can enter or exit the markets at your convenience. It is a continuous electronic market. So you can trade when you have a free moment.

2. Gain can be accurately predicted. Currency prices generally recur in a cyclical manner so that you can understand what stage of the cycle you are in. Technical analysis helps to identify these trends and profit from them.

3. Low transaction costs. In other words, your mistakes do not cost a fortune. Good brokers do not charge large commissions to trade or keep an account even if you trade in small volumes.

4. Unlimited earning potential. The currency market moves more than $ 1.5 trillion every day and is the largest financial market in the world. It completely destroys the stock market ($ 50 billion a day) and futures ($ 30 billion).

5. In forex trading, You can earn in all market conditions. Each market exchange a currency to the other, so when you buy one, it is at the same time selling another so there is not a big difference between rising and falling prices. This means that by carefully choosing what to buy, you can make a fortune both when a coin goes up and when a coin goes down.

6. Market transparency. This is the advantage of every trade in the trading environment. It means that you can manage risks and execute orders within seconds. It is a very efficient system and avoids unexpected surprises.

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I am from Trifid Research and through it, we provide tips of Forex markets and Free Currency Tips.