In any case, if one partner has a problem with substance addiction there are also great chances that the other partner will be influenced – the worst case is that the whole family may end up being influenced. Thus, it is important to deal with the problem of addiction right away before it gets worse. If you’re a couple who are dealing with this kind of dilemma, you’ll find this article really refreshing.

In this article, we’ll share with you why it is important to rehab together as a couple even if only one is dealing with the addiction.

Why rehab together?

Many would think that why do both have to go together when only one partner is being addicted to a substance? The first reason is that addicts are still a normal person, and they will have a normal interaction with people – much more to those that are close to them. As a couple, one usually acquires practices, habits and attitudes which may lead to the introduction of addiction. Without a medical practitioner to monitor the activities of both couples, there will be great chances of getting the other partner influenced with addiction.

It is also important to rehab together as a couple for a source of inspiration and encouragement. Rehabilitation from substance addiction usually involves stressful, painful as well as emotionally daunting treatment programs which one person may find difficult to undergo. However, with someone by your side in every step of the way, you will be encouraged and you will find the strength to endure.

Going to the rehab together will likewise make the process faster and more effective. Sometimes we find it difficult to talk to doctors about our habits, practices, and behaviors however a partner will always be willing to do so. The partner can relay to the doctors each other’s patterns and behaviors to achieve a program or treatment that is suitable for their case.

What to expect in rehabilitation programs?

Prior to undergoing any rehabilitation program, both partners should have to go through an assessment. In this process, the doctors will determine the kind as well as level of addiction that one is going through. In this stage, the couples will also be given options on how their treatment should proceed. A part of the options would be to choose from being an inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient are those that stay in the facility or center and are given full monitoring for speedy recovery. Whereas an outpatient would be those are given more freedom to perform their regular activities outside the facility. Unfortunately, since there is less monitoring from doctors, outpatients usually recover longer.

Depending on the program involved, one will have to go through a series or therapies, medical treatments, assessments, and many other procedures to ensure that one is fully recovered and guaranteed to refrain from future urges.


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