Preparation is the key to deal with emergencies related to weather events. Many times, these happenings take us off guard, causing harsh damages to roof systems. In situations like these, your home and family security can be at risk.
In this sense, the Tennessee weather can become severe and inclement without warning. Then, it is a clever idea to have the best local roofer’s phone at hand.

James Russell Roofing is one of the best and most recognized roofing companies in the area. We are experts helping homeowners repairing and renovating their roofs when suffering storm damages.

Here are the reasons why you can trust our team:

We Have Decades of Experience

After several decades working in the roofing business, our team has accumulated vast experience. Therefore, our knowledge and skills on the roofing job are our main credentials. Over time, we have faced every possible roofing problem.

The best part of it is that we know how to solve all those roofing issues. We know what causes storm damages and how to fix them.

Our experience has allowed us to develop important

competitive advantages. Among them, we can mention:

• We stand out among competitors thanks to our honesty and reliability. We offer fair prices, explain to clients every issue your roof may has and solving quickly any difficulty that may appear.

• Our staff is not only a skilled team. They are punctual, hardworking, fast, responsive, and informative. Their objective is your total satisfaction.

• Our crew is trained to work efficiently and cleanly. We warrant that during and after the job, your house and garden will be kept clean.

You can check all our attributes and competitive advantages online. Just read the reviews that our happy clients kindly let us on Google.

Our Expertise in Dealing with Insurance Subjects

We do not only know how to repair or install a roofing system. We also offer you assistance and guidance on how to deal with your insurance company.

Our comprehensive roofing inspection process allows us to determine the reach of the repairing job. Then, we communicate our findings to your insurance company showing them the amount of repairing work your roof requires.

Thanks to our experience, we are familiarized with the insurance providers’ requisites. So, we make that the process of dealing with insurance providers flows easily for you.

You Can Seize Our Wind Mitigation Strategies

You can reduce strong winds' effects by adding safety features. This additional protection will improve the safety and resistance of your roof. So, these strategies are called wind mitigation.

For instance, we can add water barriers in your attic plus roof covers such as a 1994 SFBC, or a 2001 FBC. Besides, we can fasten the roof deck to your roof rafters.

As an A+ rated roofing contractors Memphis in Better Business Bureau, James Russell Roofing is a top-notch roofing contractor. So, our company is proud to be awarded with the roofing industry’s top credentials like the Atlas Corporation certification.

Do you live in Tennessee? Did a storm damage your roof? Then, you already know why you should call James Russell Roofing. We serve many areas including Millington, Germantown, and Memphis.

We´ll be glad to help you solving any roof repair need as well as with your insurance claims. Call us at (901) 641-1873 to learn more about our services and get an estimate.

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