When it comes to repairing carpets the two main remedies can be Carpet Stretching and Carpet Patching. However, people remain in a tiff to adapt the best. If you are also in the same dilemma, here is the solution. You might be thinking about the difference between these two solutions and which would be the right one for you. Below you can see the difference between carpet patching and carpet stretching for your right information.

Let’s Understand Carpet Stretching and Carpet Patching in Detail;

Carpet Stretching

It is just ugly to look at wrinkled and loose carpeting in the house. If you have small kids running around, it can also be a safety hazard to them too. One of the methods to get rid of those wrinkles is to hire a professional Carpet Repair Company Ipswich that has a specialized team for Carpet Patching services to bring back to its real form. Look below to know how our carpet company contributes to carpet stretching.

  • Our carpet repair staff stretch the carpet by pulling up the ends until it is stretched completely. They even make use of some distinct tools that assist separate the carpet at its ends as well as from the tack strip.
  • We will utilize our equipment to remove an extra material around the carpet’s perimeter once the carpet is stretched properly and then it will be placed.
  • As we are equipped with essential tools and labor for carpet stretching, we can meet up with your carpet stretching needs. Always hire the best professionals rather than doing by yourself to prevent permanent carpet damage.

Carpet Patching

Carpet patching is nothing but the replacement of a part of wall-to-wall carpeting that has been permanently destructed by other accidents, fire, or spill. It is better to patch your carpet with a matching section of the good carpet instead of spending money on buying all new carpet. Our process of carpet patching goes like this:

  • Our professionals take the estimation of the damaged section to recognize the actual size for patching.
  • After taking the measurement, we make sure that the taping that we have done around the area matches our measurements. We will patch a piece of leftover carpet from the installation to this point.
  • Then we will cut and remove the damaged part with a special cutting tool.
  • We will also crop the replacement patch with the use of the measurements taken earlier. Then we will make your carpet to receive the patch and brush it to level the whole area.

Why Choose Carpet Patching ?

Carpet Patching renders the best quality carpet patching services in Australia. Our Carpet Patching Melbourne solutions are quite affordable and reliable along with the involvement of trained & skilled professionals and the latest carpet repairing tools. Apart from this, we are having 20 years of experience in the carpet stream. Therefore, we deliver diligent carpet solutions for every type of carpet damage. The services which we deliver include carpet patching as the main service. Once you hire us for carpet patching, you do not need to worry about the rest of the things as our patchwork is long lasting. Our team can fulfill your requirements with great care and attention. You can call us any time to book an appointment.


Can’t I repair my carpet myself?

Obviously, you can. But the problem would be a lack of necessary tools. If you will hire professionals for the task, you would need to spend lesser than renting the equipment. By hiring professionals, you can have everything in their services to repair your carpet effectively.

Do you mend all kinds of carpet?

Yes, we repair almost all kinds of carpet. For exceptional carpets, we make the arrangement of experts.

Can I call you 24 x 7 hours for the service?

Our professional team is available 24 x 7 hours for the convenience of the needful people. Therefore, you can feel free to call us any time whenever the need arises.

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