Are you struggling with using the Law of Attraction to attract money into your life? Each time you try to read about Law of Attraction and maybe have a little success and go towards the wealth consciousness point, you find yourself going backwards? Are you ready to learn what the key is to turning this around for yourself?

Why when I know the Law of Attraction rules am I still struggling for money - yes I find it difficult to 'think' I have it when I don't. - From Sally.

I know many of you can identify with this one. The reason why you are struggling is that you may know the rules of Law of Attraction but you really don't know them. If you did then you would have the money right? Intellectually you know that what you think and feel attracts what you want. However, you do the total opposite which is worry about money and bills.

Imagine your subconscious mind set on a dial that says "poverty consciousness" and you want it on "wealth consciousness". Each time you try to read about Law of Attraction and maybe have a little success and go towards the wealth consciousness point, you find yourself going backwards. Your subconscious is programmed to go back to the poverty consciousness. That is why so many people struggle with money issues. It's a program that has a set point to fail. I know because I was there for many years and I tried everything; and nothing seemed to work until I took a quantum leap.

The quantum leap for me was making a conscious decision that I want to get unstuck and change. I told myself I was going to do whatever it took because I was sick of going through another year figuring out where I went wrong. I had to breakdown before I could make a breakthrough. The best thing I did was hire a coach, along with getting into a program that allowed me to manifest things in a way that I had never experienced! The wild thing is that once it happened I never looked back and my old poverty thinking was a distant memory of the past. The key was seeing what beliefs I had about money and my business that was keeping me stuck.

Let's say you are telling your friends that you have an amazing business and you will be super successful... how would that make you feel right now? If you start to feel your stomach go in or an unpleasant sensation in your body - then you know you have a belief that is not serving you.

In order to change that belief... you have to be uncomfortable because it is what is required to take a quantum leap. You also may find as you make a decision to change that everything around you is crumbling. This is actually good news, because it's just a phase. The secret is that you need to push through this and hold on to ride this out, otherwise you will find yourself going back to your poverty consciousness mindset because it is familiar to you.

I have helped so many entrepreneurs make this shift and yes they went through the same thing. Ask yourself this question... what is going to change for me if I don't do something now? Answer - NOTHING. You have no time to waste and now is the time to step up and step into the life that you deserve.

Want a breakthrough for your business and remove the money blocks?

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Heather Picken is "The Spirit Trainer" who helps spiritually minded entrepreneurs energetically align themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to magnetize money and clients easily and effortlessly. She is also an inspirational speaker, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life/ Prosperity Business Coach. She has over 13 years in integrating mind-body connection, Law of Attraction, intuition, and spiritual principles.

Heather is also founder of The Quantum Entrepreneur program and a Best-Selling author of the book Body of Love: 57 Secrets In Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction. She appeared on as a guest on many radio shows including one of the most popular in spiritual and personal growth, Hay House radio.

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