Ever noticed how when bad things happen, they seem to come tumbling in and that the same is true for good things?

I have a friend who had everything break down in a single week, her phone, her car, she's filing bankruptcy and she lost everything on her hard drive (5 years of precious projects and photos).

I also have a client who has had incredible things pour in last week. She is surprised that there are so many suitors in her life, just found an amazing new apartment and is starting to get clients without "working hard."

Time for my friend to become a client wouldn't you say?

Personally, it's been a phenomenal end of the year, I got a new car, a MINI Cooper, We had an incredible premiere with my short film Noga & The Love Seminar (300+ people attended) and there is a mention of the film in ELLE magazine this month (pg. 172) and I'm helping Tom Malloy, star/producer of Love N' Dancing, to launch his film financing seminar business. He's raised over 15 million dollars for 3 films in the last 4 years. All this within a matter of weeks.

In this article, find out about why the law of attraction brings things into your life in this manner and tips on how to make it SHOWER BLESSINGS FOR YOU!

I've been wanting a new car for some time and I haven't been able to decide. Part of me wants a convertible Bentley. I now, just slightly pretentious and outside of my lifestyle right now- but give me a year.

I also have thought about a Lexus SC430 which unfortunately Drew does not fit in very well. So, I've been vacillating. It wasn't until I decided to just let go, and visualize myself having fun driving up Highway 1 with Drew in the car that the perfect car appeared. A MINI COOPER! When I asked the dealer whether or not a very tall man, 6'10" would fit, he said, "Yes, Shaquille O'Neal has one." My friend joked, "Yeah, a convertible!" But I had nothing to be concerned about. In fact, Drew says it's the roomiest car he has been in for quite awhile and even roomier than his Passat. Yes HE FITS! Who knew? And it's super fun. It has changeable mood lighting, free satellite radio for a year, and takes the curves on Highway 17 like it's on rails. In the same few weeks, we have an article of our short film in ELLE magazine,and I landed what looks like will easily be a six-figure business deal with Tom Malloy that is a win-win situation where I get to teach him my expertise, make money and learn his expertise of raising millions of dollars for film while helping other young filmmakers fund their films!

So 2 Powerful TIPS on How to Make It Shower Blessings in Your Life!

1.Did you know that the feeling of "longing" or "yearning" = resistance?

When you have a desire that you know you can get, it's a pleasurable experience, even life giving. Your eyes brighten, you get a smile on your face, you may even clap your hands in excitement.

However, when there is something that you've been wanting for awhile and it hasn't come, it can be aggravating rather than pleasurable.

Have you noticed though that when you ask for something off hand (not that important) and forget about it, how it can show up unexpectedly? These are usually smaller items because we, as a culture, believe that the bigger things that we desire require time, hard work, and effort to receive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So how can you change this pattern? First, let go of the big items, just stop focusing on them and make a list of 3 small things that you'd like to receive. Material or experiential. Also, write down why you want to receive them.

When you receive them, start a new list and start to slowly upgrade the list with "bigger ticket" items. This will start to show you how willing the Universe is always to cooperate with your desires.

If you find it taking too long to get the bigger items, step it down a notch, and start to manifest different aspects of the bigger ticket item. For instance, if you want a new luxury car, manifest a ride in one, first.

2. Where people mis-create the most. Do you know the most common mis-creation happens when you are daydreaming, in the shower, or driving? It happens when you're just letting your mind wander. If you tend to daydream about incredible things happening to you then this does not apply to you. However if you daydream about problem solving, scenarios where you are in conflict or contemplating something that troubles you, you are putting experiences of an equivalent vibration into your experience.

But tracking your thoughts all day long can be tricky. A simple way to take back your power in your unconscious or repetitive tasks, is to track where it is that you day dream most and include sensory objects to remind you to focus on what you want!

In the bathroom this could be creating a ritual of self care putting a few drops of essential oil in your shower, pretty sponges, orchids. In the car, this can be something that you hang from your mirror that makes you laugh (nothing too distracting) and of course creating CDs that lift your spirit or listening to audiobooks about people who have had extraordinary lives. I recommend any of Richard Branson's (the founder of Virgin) autobiographies.

You could find that you daydream at work, so make sure you have collages up that affirm what you are desiring to have in your life.

Helping your mind to gently land on things that are desirable consistently will make the rain of blessings in your life an inevitable forecast!

All my love,

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