To understand how simple is can be to keep weight off forever, you first need to know why is virtually impossible for diet products to work. The people that make a fortune selling diet and weight loss products hope you never understand this, but the facts PROVE their products don't work. Here's why:

The only way it's possible to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. Simply put, you need to burn off more calories than you consume. Diet products can be divided in to two types: Those that do work temporary because they can help you create that deficit, or those that will never work because they don't do anything.

The ones that will never work are the the typical scams- pills, teas, patches, herbs, lotions, etc. Despite what the advertising says, these products do nothing except empty your wallet. Sadly, so few people understand how simple weight loss can really be- and they become easy prey for professional marketers. Commercial weight loss plans [Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-Systems, etc.] have the potential to work, if you follow them and use them to help you create that all critical daily calorie deficit. However, research from UCLA states that over 80% of people that buy some type of diet plan, actually end up weighing more within several years.

So what's the problem with using "tools" to help you permanently lose weight? Simple: You never knew how to lose weight on your own. Meaning, when you take away the tool that's helping you create the calorie deficit, you take away the calorie deficit at the same time. Losing weight and keeping it off can be compared to learning how to swim. If you always wear a life jacket, you never really learn how to swim on your own. If you're always using diet products, you're never learning how to keep weight off with your own daily actions.

However, just like learning how to swim, when you learn how to adjust your food and activity to keep thin, it's gets easy- and you know how for the rest of your life. Losing weight and keeping it off forever is incredibility simple because it only works ONE way [the calorie deficit]. It's not knowing how to create a deficit that easily fits into your daily life [or trying things that are proven not to work] that makes you feel weight loss is hard or impossible.

However, when you simply take the time to learn the principals of permanent weight loss that never fail [which is nothing more than eat right and get some exercise] and then adapt them to fit your life; keeping weight off becomes so easy that you barely give it second thought.

The best part is, you do much more than transform your body, you transform your life as well. Why? Because the emotions that tell you to eat poorly and rarely get active are very powerful. And when you control them [instead of the other way around] accomplishing whatever else you set your mind to is easy.

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Mike Marsh is the author of New Body New Life. Visit and discover how to make permanent weight loss a simple part of your daily life.