Ultimately your goal is to create a resume that will garner the right attention and eventually the right job. Problem is – your resume is getting you absolutely no hits, zero feedback, and not so much as one call from a prospective employer. Sound familiar? Keep reading to figure out why.

– Your career summary is boring. It sounds like every other job seeker out there and is a large blanket paragraph that could describe half of the known workforce. Solution: Customize your career summary so that no one else could possibly use it for themselves.

- You have no keywords. The ones you do have aren’t in the right place so while your resume may catch a software system, when an actual recruiter looks at it they pass it over because they can’t find the information they need. Solution: Utilize a core competencies/value added section in the top third of the resume.

- Your resume format is boring, unattractive, juvenile, and mediocre at best. Ouch that one hurt a little didn’t it? After reading thousands of resumes in the past 30 days, every single resume looks exactly the same. No wonder hiring managers only give each resume a five second scan and no wonder you’re getting nowhere. Solution: CHANGE IT UP! Don’t go crazy with your format but do modernize it.

- You’ve neglected to ’stay with the times’ and chosen not to utilize a professional branding statement and value proposition within the top third of your resume. So instead of standing out you’re blending in. How is that working for you? Probably not very well if you’re reading this. Solution: Find your brand, make it work for you. Advertise your value and start garnering attention. I mean the right attention, not the lame scammers who contact everyone who posts their resume on monster.

- The reader couldn’t find your accomplishments if they tried. You have them so buried down deep in the resume – or you didn’t even bother to include them. Now no one knows what the heck you do or how good you are at it. Solution: Bring attention to the BIG. Sell the reader don’t just tell them.

- The language of the resume is so boring people read it to fall asleep. If you are using responsible for, duties included, or speaking in first or third person THIS MEANS YOU. Solution: Spice it up. Ever heard of a thesaurus? Use one. If you are using the same strong action verb in your resume more than twice, that equals BORING. Look up alternatives and use them.

Albeit this has been a comical view of what stinks about your resume take it seriously. I can guarantee you 90% of the people reading this article have at least three of the six points listed above on their resume. When you’re tired of playing with your resume and ready for an expert to help you craft a high-impact, best-in-class resume and cover letter that won’t bore the reader but instead entices them to call – and call immediately then contact us.

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Jessica Holbrook is an expert resume writer, career and personal branding strategist, author, and presenter. She has written more than 100 articles that are featured on some of the best career advice Web sites today. In addition, her writing has been included in Launch pad, a career search strategy guide featuring exclusive information by the top career experts in the industry. Published quarterly, Launch pad is the respected guide used by career development centers and MBA programs throughout the country.

As CEO of Great Resumes Fast, Jessica enjoys collaborating with forward-thinking professionals and executives, identifying their personal brand and value proposition and leveraging their unique talent, passion, and vision to position them as a leader in their industry. Her passion is helping professionals and executives uncover what makes them stand out in the crowd.

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