Natural beauty products are becoming all the rage now as celebrities hop on the natural healing bandwagon. If you want healthier skin, unblocked pores and no side effects then natural products certainly are the way to go.


Because natural beauty products are made from natural ingredients it means that they don’t contain the harsh petrochemicals that can harm skin. Many products such as shower gel contain these chemicals and although you get clean your skin is left feeling tight and dry. Using natural ingredients means that the product will do what it was designed to do and won’t damage your skin or hair.

Many natural products tend to have natural moisturising properties within them so whilst not damaging your skin you are also keeping it soft and supple at the same time.


Most natural products are very good for the environment as they don’t need to go through various processes that pump awful chemicals into our atmosphere. It is usually a case of harvesting the natural ingredients and putting them in a bottle. If you are particularly worried about your carbon footprint then there are many companies out there who sell products specifically designed to help the environment whilst being all natural too

Tried and tested

Most of the recipes for these natural products are ones that have been used for years before the products containing harsh chemicals arrived. This just goes to show that they work and stuffing something with chemicals will not make it smell nicer or be any safer on your skin.

What you should avoid

Always check the labels of what you buy and make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals such as petroleum, parabens, alcohols or artificial fragrances. If they do then they are not natural and are unlikely to be gentle on your skin. A quick bit of searching will help you to turn up a similar natural product that will be much gentler to you.

You skin type.

Even natural products can be designed for oily, dry and normal skin however, if you are unsure of which products are safe for your sensitive skin then it is likely that most of them are. Because natural products don’t contain chemicals that can harm skin the majority can be used on even the most sensitive skin and also on people of all ages. Generally, when using products that can aggravate sensitive skin they only do so because they are chock full of chemical irritants.

Frequency of use

Because natural products are so much more effective than others they needn’t be used every day. They are not a quick fix and instead can help to create health skin / hair cells the more they are used. Being so effective means that you may be able to skip a day between use, for example it is better to wash hair every other day to keep it soft, shiny and strong. Using natural products may allow you more freedom to do this as they are lighter and do not clog up the scalp this means that it takes longer for your hair to look greasy.

Using a product every other day will make it last twice as long as one of the same size that you had to use daily. This means more money saved on skin care, hair care and cosmetics.

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Jess Shanahan is a freelance writer and marketer specialising in health, fashion, beauty and natural health.