You’ve heard about CBD flower, the cannabis-derived product that’s helping people get healthy while kicking chronic diseases in the butt. But there’s a new kid on the block that’s got the potential to be even more potent than CBD. It’s called CBG flower and - just like CBD - it’s a cannabis-derived product with huge health benefits.

But what exactly is CBG flower and how much potential does it really have? Should you be interested?

In this article, we take a look.

What Is CBG Flower?

Like its counterpart CBD, CBG is a naturally occurring hemp oil that contains CBD (or, cannabidiol), as well as cannabigerol. Because it contains a lot more of the latter, it’s known as CBG.

It’s derived from the cannabis/hemp flower, and once it’s inside your body it interacts with your own naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors. By binding itself to these receptors, CBG - like CBD - is able to relieve you of certain symptoms.

How Similar Is It To CBD?

Very similar.

CBG and CBD are both one of more than a hundred cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Both provide some of the same health benefits, too. However, while CBG contains CBD, it also contains a lot more cannabigerol, and this is what marks it out from its sibling.

What Are The Differences Between CBG and CBD?

CBG contains CBD but the two have different chemical structures, as well as concentration levels. Moreover, CBG is found in trace amounts, while CBD is more abundant in the hemp plant.

As we’ll find out later in the article, CBG is more expensive to produce than CBD oil, and this is another main difference between the two cannabinoids.

What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of CBG Oil?

Research into CBG and its health benefits is still in its infancy. But there are still numerous potential health benefits that we know about. These include:

CBG Can Offer Relief From Pain

Research into CBG oils effectiveness at treating pain has been going on since 2010. Back then, a review found that the cannabinoid can relieve chronic pain for a few hours. This includes pain caused by arthritis and other debilitating conditions.

CBG Flower Can Improve Your Mood

Because the flower might have anti-anxiety and antidepressant agents, it can help to boost your mood while reducing symptoms caused by anxiety and depression.

Research has also shown that CBG could help your body produce more anandamide. This is the so-called ‘bliss’ molecule that regulates your mood so that you feel more positive and alert.

CBG Has Antibacterial Properties

A number of studies have been carried out into CBG’s antibacterial properties, and it’s been found that the oil is potentially so rich in them that it could ward off dangerous bugs such as MRSA.

Excitingly, CBG could also have antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.

CBG Oil Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

Brain health is so important to all of us. According to a study, CBG oil has the potential to slow down cognitive decline. There are also hints that it can help to treat Huntington’s disease, and other serious neurological conditions.

So, Will CBG Be The New CBD?

This is the million dollar question.

With all the numerous potential health benefits, it’s easy to think that CBG will for sure be the new CBD. However, there’s a huge obstacle in the way and it’s this: CBG is pretty damn costly to produce.

In fact, to create just a tiny amount of CBG isolate, thousands upon thousands of pounds of biomass are required. This is down to the fact that hemp contains a smidgen of CBG. On the other hand, a hemp strain could contain as much as 20% of CBD. You can see the difference.

Worse still, manufacturers have to decide whether to sacrifice their entire crop in order to make CBG, or leave it until the moment is right to harvest the hemp plant. At that point, there is barely any CBG left because most of it has been turned into other cannabinoids.


CBG is certainly one to watch in the health and wellness space. Because research is still ongoing, it’s hard to say whether it will become the new CBD, or even overtake it. With more CBG flower products arriving on the market all the time, though, one thing is for sure: It’s well worth keeping an eye on.

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