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Depression brings great heartbreak to many people. You may already have sought medical advice. The options listed here are in addition to whatever your medical practitioner has suggested. Let’s look at some other ways to address depression. We will look at solutions from astrology, Vedic astrology, aromatherapy, feng shui, and kofutu healing.

Astrology easily shows the issues causing the depression and how long it will last. Usually it arises from transits of Saturn and Pluto, the “heavies” of the zodiac. These transits do show where we need to add structure to our lives and where we are transforming, even against our will. Astrologically, embracing the principles of Saturn and Pluto is the way out of the well of depression. Know that you are being called on to transform and consolidate in some part of your life. Yes, we are always either growing in Spirit and personal and societal awareness, or we are dying. Many times we feel depressed because we are resisting our life path. Think about it. Might you be resisting something? Somewhere, the joys represented by Jupiter are available to you. The Universe is always presenting some candy along with the harsh lessons of life!

Vedic astrology, with its gemstone prescriptions, has a remedy for depression—the stones of Jupiter the good luck planet! Jupiter’s stones are yellow sapphire, topaz, and citrine. That said, Jupiter’s stones are wonderful for about 1 person out of six and “good” for one person out of three. Others will not benefit, but will instead have problems being excessive in different life areas to their undoing. The manic stage of bipolar syndrome might result from the incorrect use of a Jupiter stone. A common problem with Jupiter stones is weight gain; after all, Jupiter is the BIG planet. You can experiment by putting away all other gems and wearing only a large Jupiter stone. See if things get better or if they get worse. You may also be interested in knowing that people who respond well to Jupiter’s stones usually do not respond well to diamonds and vice versa. The only way to be sure if a Jupiter stone is right for you is with a Vedic Jewelry prescription that uses the correspondences that the ancient Hindus discovered between the horoscope and gemstones. This requires your accurate time, place and date of birth, as incorrect information can be harmful. Once you have your jewelry prescription you will want to buy a ring or pendant of the proper (never dyed or radiation treated) stone, usually 5 carats or larger, which is mounted so that it touches the skin.

What can kofutu absent healing do for depression? Kofutu healing can put you in alignment with the optimum physical and emotional state for your soul’s purpose. Kofutu healing is spiritual healing and thus always aligns us with our spiritual path. Kofutu healing can be directed to general or specific emotional healing, wholeness healing (letting Spirit decide what is needed most), or aura healing. Depending upon your unique situation any of these could resolve the problem.

What can aromatherapy do for depression? Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, is a tangible physical way to move towards health. You can address the emotional level of depression with the single oils Bergamot, Chamomile, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Melissa, Neroli, Ravensara and Rose by massaging twice daily with about 3 drops of any of these oils or blends mixed with a good quality carrier oil (vegetable oil). Alternatively, you can diffuse those oils. You might also want to try Young Living’s blends Joy, Acceptance, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Hope, and Sensation. To address issues from major life trauma or childhood, look at the blends Trauma Life, SARA, and Inner Child. Emotional healing with essential oils is complex. There are many books written about this subject, so I am only going to mention one simple easy approach. Use the blend Valor on the feet and any of the blends mentioned above on the front of the body along the areas of the energy centers or chakras—the pubis, naval, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Since this is a way of processing emotional experience, you will want to do this when you have some privacy and no immediate demands of work or family.

There is another dimension to depression, the physical health. Clearly improving our health in general is always desirable. We do this by eating right, and getting enough water, sleep and exercise. We may also want to clean out our elimination systems. Depression can come from problems in the liver or bowel. Young Living makes three products for a cleansing of the system, called the Cleansing Trio. These are Comfortone, Megazyme, and ICP which stimulate the bowel, enhance the digestive process and provide fiber. If your depression stems from an unhealthy bowel, you will need to use the products daily for up to six months. How would you know? If you purchase one set of these three, it is about a month’s supply. By the end of that month you should have noticed an improvement of your depression as well as clearer skin, higher energy, fresher breath and a host of other health improvements. If things are moving towards increased health, but not yet where you wish them to be, order another month’s supply. By six months, this system will be as “clean” as it can be. Any remaining problem is likely to arise from another source.

What can Feng Shui do to alleviate depression? A little and a lot, depending upon the situation. First, having a harmonious energy balance, which is the aim of Feng Shui, is advantageous to every life area. It would be very hard to be ill or depressed in a home with excellent Feng Shui. So, one remedy would be a complete feng shui analysis and then acting upon that consultation! Is there another option? Yes, you can work on the symbolism of your house yourself. This is clearly not a full analysis, and it doesn’t address the energy balance, but your depression might be heavily influenced by the artwork in your environment. So, let’s talk about feng shui art.

In feng shui, art is designed to enhance a given mood. We use particular images to aid relationships, health, money, and so forth. Most desirable artwork is representational and shows pleasant scenes. Begin looking around you. Anywhere you spend a lot of time should have “good” art that depicts health, happiness and prosperity. If you are depressed about a relationship, have artwork of happy couples. Take down artwork that is sad, gloomy or frightening. This, in and of itself, may reverse the depression. Since feng shui works quickly, you will know within a month if you need more feng shui. If you do, contact a local practitioner of the compass feng shui. I see feng shui clients only in East Tennessee.

Depression is no fun. To move towards Joy, try one of these approaches. Astrology consultations can be ordered at my website, as can jewelry prescriptions and feng shui consultations. Kofutu healing requires your permission and full name. Mail them with a $35 check to Joy and Harmony, PO Box 5401, Oak Ridge, TN 37831. Order essential oils and the cleansing trio from Young Living Essential Oils at 1-800-763-9963, you will need to use my PIN, 80372, for your first order. If you would like to suggest topics for a future newsletter, e-mail me at JoyandHarmony@aol.com. For more information visit my website at www.joy-and-harmony.bigstep.com.

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