Window cleaning is not a job anyone can handle, because it involves cleaning architectural glass, which means that those doing this commercial job have to handle heights very well. Architectural glass has three purposes: structural, decorative, and for lighting. Typically, you will find this type of glass in tall commercial buildings. Due to the risks involved in practicing this job, window cleaning companies have to comply with strict regulations, have a license to operate and the proper equipment. However, regulations vary from country to country and sometimes from region to region.

Needless to say, in Essex, where the tallest building you can find is, in fact, the University of Essex or, more accurately, the Bertrand Russell Tower, which is 42m tall and 14 stories high, these regulations differ from the rest of the world . In fact, even the tools used in the UK differ from those commonly used in the United States, for example. In the UK and, subsequently, in Essex, there is no need for government licenses, anyone can claim that it is a window cleaner. However, in accordance with European Directive 2001/45 / EC, a law was passed in 2005 on the use of stairs in window cleaning. Working at height Regulations restricts the use of ladders in Essex and throughout the UK for safety reasons.

In Essex, it was common to use chamois and gauze or cloth to remove dirt from windows in the past. Today, special cleaning substances and chemicals are added in a container along with water. After used in conjunction with a cloth or brush to completely remove dirt from windows, water is removed from windows with a squeegee. An important tool used in commercial window cleaners in Essex is the water powered pole. Cleaners typically use telescopic poles to reach every corner of the window, even the furthest. The posts are equipped with brushes and water jets to ensure that window cleaning is easy and efficient. Professional window cleaners in Essex use deionized water from a household outlet or from a vehicle tank.

The reason Essex cleaning companies use deionized water is because it will better dissolve debris and help clean windows more easily, decreasing the time it takes to complete cleaning in a fourteen-story building like the Keynes Tower and the Tower. Eddington. The brush is used to remove debris completely. Post sizes vary based on the needs of the cleaning crew, but generally reach six stories. With the current talk on water waste and green cleanliness, window cleaners in Essex have started using microfiber telescopic poles. Its efficiency is higher, so less water is used in the cleaning process of the windows of a commercial building. In general, window cleaning is a job that involves risks for both cleaners and people who pass by when cleaning. This is why Essex has regulations that companies operating in this domain and their employees must strictly follow,

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