Women’s shoes can be the catalyst for a long and happy marriage. One type of women’s shoes in particular can be a big boon; the iconic and enduring high heel.

Victoria Beckham may have lost her contract with Armani for underwear ads, yet it is doubtful she is going to lose her husband anytime soon. He always looks smitten with his wife, which is refreshing and endearing.

It seems she must be doing something right to keep her husband so attentive. So, let’s take a few tips from Ms. Beckham and one advertisement she did for Armani in particular.

In her ad, she is laying on the floor in her bra and panties with a beautiful pair of classic high heels on. The sun is filtered through the blinds and she is the perfect picture of bliss, calm, and beauty. So, let's dissect this a bit.

The High Heels

Now, you could be thinking, “I don’t wear high heels, I couldn’t walk in them or they are uncomfortable…” or any other number of things. Well, honey, whatever is running through your head about high heels, you can stop worrying. Your new shoes are not going to be walked in—well not much anyway. And, these high heels won’t be ones you will be wearing to the office, either.

When was the last time you surprised your husband? When was the last time you practiced the art of a graceful seduction?

The List

· Find high heels make you feel sexy, daring, and full of fun. It doesn’t matter if the high heel has a low heel or a sky high heel—just find the pair that make you feel good by looking at them.

· Choose simple under garments, perhaps a bra and pantie, a teddy, a bustier and nylons...keep your choice sparing and elegant.

· Set-up the lighting, lighting can be your friend. It can set the tone of the evening, help you to relax and be natural, and make your skin look like satin.

· Take action, when he comes in the door you are to be in the strategically lit space wearing your high heels and the elegantly simple under garments you chose for your marriage bonding adventure.

· You don’t have to say a word when he enters the room. He will see you lying in your sexy high heels and understand exactly what you think of him.

The Benefits

Aside from the joy of being with your husband and his joy of being your hero; there are numerous health benefits, too. About.com in their longevity department reports sex releases several hormones in the body, increases intimacy and bonding, and works against loneliness and depression. Sounds good so far, yes?

An article in The New York Times Health section, dated October 23, 2009, says happy couples have more sex, and the more sex a couple has, the happier they report being.

Well, the above statement makes good sense.

And, we haven’t even delved into ALL of the health benefits making love with your husband creates.

To the Health of Your Marriage

For instance, a study revealed Welshmen who had sex less than once a month were two times more likely to die of heart attacks as those who made love twice a week, reports a previous October issue of New Choices magazine. There is also another study done in the book Real Age stating frequent orgasms (about 100 per year) can increase life expectancy by three to eight years.

Marriages with a spouse living longer and healthier are bound to be happier. Well, now that you understand only a few of the bullet points on how high heels can benefit your marriage and your health, imagine you are thinking about which great pair of high heels is going to aide you in bonding with your husband!

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