It is needless to say that due to globalization, the demand of multilingual professionals has increased by leaps and bounds. The MNCs in the booming IT, aviation, tourism and hospitality industry are always hunting for those capable of speaking a foreign language along with English. The whole business environment is currently being propelled by a colossal need for foreign language experts, translators, corporate trainers, and other important designations.

In the recent years, Italian language has become highly sought-after. The languages is regarded as the most in demand as far as career advancements and job prospects, employment opportunities, and immigration are concerned.

There are plenty of jobs up for grabs if a person has the ability to converse fluently in Italian. Jobs could range from communication skills, research and gathering of information, working on documents in the corresponding language, voice-based support, training, transaction, data processing, and migration processes, quality management, email support services, etc. Job seekers and career aspirants having undertaken Italian language course in Kolkata can add significant value to their CV and boost their chances of getting lucrative jobs. The perks are unlimited along with attractive remuneration packages annually.


The prospect of working as a translator in top MNCs is what many job seekers will not like to miss. There are plenty of job opportunities for competent translators and interpreters in India these days. It is due to the more number of foreign firms investing in India and increase in the outsourcing projects of Indian companies by their European and American counterparts. One just to be proficient in writing English and target language in order to be a successful translator and either work as a freelancer or work in top MNCs.


There are countless jobs available in multilingual call center companies operating in various sectors like finance, telecom, healthcare, insurance, and banking. Proficiency in Italian language with fluent communication skills can land job aspirants various opportunities in MNCs to work as customer care executives or voice process agents. Their jobs would primarily be handling calls of Italian clients and customers and resolve their queries.


Under hospitality sector come tourism, shopping malls, 3, 4, and 5-star hotels & resorts. They need people who can converse fluently in Italian language with countless of visitors that promote goodwill of their businesses from time to time.

Here Italian language experts or specialists can choose to work as a tourist guide, liaison officer, and other positions that lie vacant due to dearth of competent multilingual people. All these job positions require excellent communication in Italian language along with expertise in English and good presentation skills. Fluency in speaking Italian can only come with an Italian language course in Kolkata.

How to get started?

There are many foreign language training institutes in Kolkata that offer Italian language course for graduates and undergraduates. These courses are ideal for those who are planning to relocate in Italy to permanently settle there or visit the exotic country for travel, jobs, and higher educations.

There are fundamental, elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses which are curated as per the learning objectives and career goals of the students. The learning modules vary from one course to another but the focus remains on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary of Italian language.

Students and working professionals can opt for online or face to face courses whichever they find better for their everyday schedule. The online classes have become extremely sought-after these days among the language enthusiasts since they are flexible and provides access to great study resources and learning materials.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Italian language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.