World of Warcraft works as a social platform by connecting its player through a hundreds of servers. Every server is a distinct copy of WoW, classified by Totaly different parameters for play and time zone; and each hosts its own community, with Distinctive reputations, norms, and histories.

Nearly 16 Years ago MMORPG World of Warcraft Changed the gaming industry Forever.World of Warcraft was The Best Selling PC games Of 2005 and 2006. By the 2009 World of Warcraft Crossed More then 10 Million subscriber

There was Buzz by the end of 2016 that Blizzard Entertainment is working on Classic version of the game which was acknowledge by them in early 2017

World of Warcraft has evolved over the course of the past decade through eight totally different expansions:

.The Burning Crusade - Released in 2007
.Wrath of the Lich King - Released in 2008
.Cataclysm - Released in 2010
.Mists of Pandaria - Released in 2012
.Warlords of Draenor - Released in 2014
.Legion-Released in 2016
.Battle for Azeroth - Released in 2018
.World of Warcraft classic - released in Aug 2019
.Shadowlands – will be released in 2020

nostalgia alone be enough for PvPers to grind honor points with their comrades along enough for life-long bonds to be formed

World of Warcraft was Recent Victim of DDoS attack, Blizzard Community Manager has Informed that suspect was arrested in conjunction with the series Distributed denial of services (also know as DDOS ) attack

“Immediately after the Distributed Denial of services attacks Against our Game Service Began, The Blizzard security Team worked around the clock with local and International Law enforcement agencies to track down the source of DdoS” says comunity manager Kaivax in social media Post.”it is our standing that within a few days authorites were able to sucessfully identify and arrest a suspect “

Though it appears seemingly, Blizzard didn't make sure whether or not this was the same individual who went by UkDrillas on Twitter who originally took credit for the attacks. On 7thSeptember, once players initial started facing of server problems, UkDrillas would tweet out 30-minute warnings before another wave of attacks would create work into WoW Classic nearly not possible on several servers. Shortly Twitter account was deleted.

Blizzard taking every Steps required to ensure smooth Experince for World of warcraft Classic Player.

These are the Few Best Wow Private Server List

Unlimited Wow LvL255 FUNSERVER3.3.5a WotLK

255 Level Cap Tier one to Tier eighteen 1v1 Arena All categories for All Races 80000 Custom things wonderful Custom and scripted Instances Custom Quests operating BG and Arena Custom Mall Balanced categories Transmog Mall distinctive Wing Transmogs Custom Bosses.

1.12.1 Instant 60 5-Man raids 24 7 PVP Retro Wow

Classic Instant sixty twenty four seven PvP PvP Tokens 2v2 Arena Arena Gold-Per-Kill Crossfaction BG Mall 5-Man Raids: ZG megacycle per second AQ BWL calcedony NAXX Custom PvE PvP Quests written Instances distinctive Vanilla Pathfinding operating BGs Duel Zone Active Development No-Lag Friendly workers Anti-DDoS Anti-Cheat. The players will love this action game where they have the desired fun too. New maps make the game more interesting Legion Instant 90 MoP

LEGION: Combat Ally Mage Tower category Mounts category Campaigns Legion Loremaster World envoy Quests unit quests and information Mythic World Legendaries drop category Halls World PvP scaling MOP: LFR Flex Bonus Personal Roll ALL: Loremaster Pet battles Boss timers

vanillaGaming – Oldest Vanilla Classic Server

24/7 Uptime, Blizzlike server, 1-15x xp rate set by in-game command, Scripted Instances, Outdoor PVP,Oprating Pathfinding for creatures and pets, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Naxxramas open and fully scripted, Lag-free and professional developers.

Warcrusade Instant 70 TBC

OPEN BETA NOW - Instant 70 The Burning Crusade Private Server - Transmog and Barbershop - PvE Gear for Badge of Justce - PvP Tokens - Patch 243
Raid Attunements Removed
.Arena Points distributaion
.PvE Vendors badge of Justice
.PvP Tokens & PvP Title System
.Custom Barber NPC & Teleporters
.Auto duel Reset
.5 man Scaled & Scripted raids

Elysium Project Vanilla World Of Warcraft.
Continuation of the project Nostalrius Vanilla Blizzlike server with 1 xp rate. 24 7 Uptime DDoS Protection Warden Anti-Cheat. Scripted Instances Raids Zones Scenarios. Step-by-step opening of content. Support for many languages. Own DB and much more Here you will get the best experience
Hero Wow battle For Azeroth Race content
255 Level Cap eighteen Custom Race like Naga, Taunka, Skeleton etc Tier one to Tier eighteen. 21000+ Custom Items Amazing Custom and scripted InstancesCustom Quests Working BG and Arena Custom Mall Balanced Classes Friendly Staff No Lags
TauriWow- 1MoPrivate Server5.4.8
Fully scripted zones dungeons raids scenarios including Cataclysm zones . Cross realm Battlegrounds Dungeons Raid Finder Auction House. Working Pet Battle system. Store offers some extra features vanity items
TBC 5 MAN-5 Man Raids-No1 TBC Instant 70 Server
Instant 70, 5 Man-Scripted Raids & Dungeons
Version 2.4.3
Active Arena and Battlegrounds.

-Blizz-like X1 Apart from -
[Professions 10x][Rep 3x][Honor 1.75x][Weapon Skill Instant] [Alt-Friendly - 4 Rare Drops Instead of 1 On Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses]

.Crossfaction enabled PVE/PVP
.PvP - Battlegrounds & Arena
.First flying mount 150% flying speed 100% ground.
.Auction bot to stop price inflation and fills any gaps in the market.

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