We live in a world where quitting is now a widely acceptable option. Everyday, people quit the goals they spent years dreaming about when the accomplishment may just be around the corner. People quit schools without graduating, quit their jobs without another job offer in hand, and quit their weight-loss program without attaining the healthier body weight that they set out to achieve.

Even sadder, and more rampant than ever, people quit their marriage without seeking the counselling and coaching that is required to make it work. And despite the irrefutable fact that the future state of our world depends on the mindset of today’s children, the number of parents quitting their privileged, God-given responsibilities for the pursuit of very selfish personal objectives continue to climb astronomically!

So how are you persevering in your responsibilities and objectives? How well are you coping with the norms of life that causes others to quit? How determined are you to achieve that goal, make that thing happen, build that relationship, settle that quarrel, or make that difference that your heart truly desires?

While it may sometimes create an empty satisfaction, quitting actually create long-lasting regrets that will slowly erode your self-esteem. Without even knowing it, you become defensive even at the slightest challenge. Quitters are often lonely, often dejected, often unhappy, and either depressed or passionate about nothing that really matters. Quitters struggle to wake up in the morning, barely say hello to others, never willing to work wholeheartedly and consistently thinking of themselves.

From my life coaching experience, I learnt that the top three character traits which eventually cause people to quit are procrastination, selfishness and pride. Thus, if you perceive these traits in you or someone else have indicated that you have them, make haste now – seek help. We are here for you.

Remember, we were all made in the image and likeness of God. In us lies the same willingness and determination that have created heroes and heroines out of ordinary people. Yes You Can!

Author's Bio: 

Since his teenage years, Life Coach Alex Nosa Ihama has always been the go-to person for advice, encouragement, motivation and inspiration, which was an overwhelming responsibility that made him decide, at a very young age, to pursue knowledge, wisdom and understanding through traveling, books, researches, seminars, coaching and mentorship. In the forefront of everything he does is the personal growth and wellbeing of others - how to help people improve their lives and businesses.

In addition to delivering keynote and facilitating seminars and workshops, Alex has personally coached hundreds of people worldwide and tens of thousands more through his website, and published countless motivating and inspirational articles and newsletters that draw consistent feedbacks from over 80 countries.

Alex strongly believes that the key to success, which he defines as contentment, is in the hands of each individual regardless of his or her situation and circumstance. This is the fundamental statement upon which he founded the three organizations: The Exhortation Life and Business Coaching Services, The Exhortation Institute of Life and Business Skills, and a non-profit arm, The Exhortation Worldwide Outreach.

For more information, visit www.TheExhortation.com or send him an email at alex.ihama@TheExhortation.com