Since my very recent "healthy eating awakening", I have chosen to buy local fruits and vegetables instead of paying more money for the organic label at the store. Why? Well, I'm obviously cynical and don't quite trust the government to construct a system that actually protects what I eat. So this article is not shocking but should certainly make you think a bit more before you shell out the extra bucks.

The Washington Post recently reported findings of shortcomings in the USDA’s Organics program—meaning that consumers, who at times must pay twice as much for organic products, are not always getting what they expect: foods without pesticides and other chemicals, produced in a way that is gentle to the environment.

Relaxation of the federal standards, and an explosion of consumer demand, have helped push the organics market into a $23 billion-a-year business, the fastest growing segment of the food industry. Half of the country's adults say they buy organic food often or sometimes, according to a survey last year by the Harvard School of Public Health.

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