You are strong and rise above things that you know would sink others. Your determination is a hunger that lies in the pit of your stomach! Nothing quenches it. Your drive to carry on is like no other.
Your demand for respect can be heard from the mountain tops. Your self-worth shines like a light. It hurts your heart when others don’t see it in themselves.
People will be bored, and nosey, and full of questions. If you don’t answer them it is okay. Some will like your answers, some will not. Some will have already made their minds up before you even speak. Everyone has an opinion, and it is just that, an opinion.
Remember, it is your life. You have to make it your own way. Drown out the voices of others who do not believe in you, magnify the voices that do. You draw in your own strength and courage, don't feed off of others, let them feed off of you.
Others will not understand your dream or your vision. It is yours alone to nurture into fruition.
The words, “I can’t,” are not a part of your vocabulary. You only know of your own will to succeed. Smother out the voices of the non-believers. You only have to prove to yourself what you are made of, no-one else.
So go on and dive into your dream. Make it a reality. You carry inside you all of the positive traits to make it. You are aware of failure, but it will not be a deterrent. As you know that the lesson learned from it is what you will build upon. So, get up, stand up, and with your head held high, always be proud of who you are. There is only one you.
As quoted by the late Maya Angelo, “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

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My name is Tami Principe. I wanted to help other people so I created my website, In short, I am a Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Radio Talk Show Host, and a Breast Cancer Survivor. I believe that our struggles are temporary, and important lessons can be learned from them. I am the author of 4 books, “Walk in Peace,” & “My Soulful Journey,” & “The Wishing Well,” and “The Green Rabbit.”

My radio show is,feel free to listen to the archives regarding any of the following subject matter:Autism, Leukemia, Bipolar Disorder, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Breast Cancer, Care for the Elderly, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, Marketing Strategies, Drug Abuse, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Meditation,and more.